Dust Bowl

Section of the U.S. Great Plains that extended over southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, and northeastern New Mexico. The term originated after World War I, when the area's grasslands were converted to agricultural fields. In the naturally dry climate, overcultivation added to the effect of a severe drought in the early 1930s, when heavy winds blew the loose topsoil in “black blizzards” that blocked out the sun and piled dirt in drifts. Many farmers and ranchers left the region for California and elsewhere. The planting of windbreaks and grassland enabled the area to recover by the early 1940s.

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Bowl may refer to:

  • Bowl (drug culture), the receptacle in which marijuana is placed prior to smoking
  • Bowl, slang meaning "to walk" in the UK: "Let's bowl"
  • Bowl (vessel), a common open-top vessel used to serve food
  • Bowls, a precision sport popular in the United Kingdom
  • Flush toilet or Toilet bowl
  • The Bowl (Douglas), a multi-use stadium in Douglas, Isle of Man.
  • Bowl game, a post-season college football game
  • The Bowl (Utah vs. New Mexico), an annual college football game
  • Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League in the United States
  • Hollywood Bowl, a modern amphitheater in Hollywood, California, USA
  • Bowl cut, a haircut that looks like an inverted bowl on top of the person's head
  • Quizbowl, a family of games of questions and answers on all topics of human knowledge
  • The Bowl, a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Bowl can also mean to drik
  • Bowling a game where someone referencing it could use the term Bowl. (ie, Do you want to bowl this Saturday?)

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