Bowl may refer to:

  • Bowl (drug culture), the receptacle in which marijuana is placed prior to smoking
  • Bowl, slang meaning "to walk" in the UK: "Let's bowl"
  • Bowl (vessel), a common open-top vessel used to serve food
  • Bowls, a precision sport popular in the United Kingdom
  • Flush toilet or Toilet bowl
  • The Bowl (Douglas), a multi-use stadium in Douglas, Isle of Man.
  • Bowl game, a post-season college football game
  • The Bowl (Utah vs. New Mexico), an annual college football game
  • Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League in the United States
  • Hollywood Bowl, a modern amphitheater in Hollywood, California, USA
  • Bowl cut, a haircut that looks like an inverted bowl on top of the person's head
  • Quizbowl, a family of games of questions and answers on all topics of human knowledge
  • The Bowl, a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Bowl can also mean to drik
  • Bowling a game where someone referencing it could use the term Bowl. (ie, Do you want to bowl this Saturday?)

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