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Face to Fate

Face to Fate (Traditional Chinese: 布衣神相) is a TVB costume action series released overseas in September 2006 and aired on TVB Pay Vision Channel in March 2007.

The series has been adapted from the popular martial arts novels written by Wen Ruian (溫瑞安).


In a war against the Evil, the White Force and the Black Force have a Golden Seal Battle every five years. Each force selects five people to represent its community. Whichever side wins the battle has control of the Wu Xia World for the next five years. However, over the years, the Black Force ave become more evil than before, and their goal evolved to destroy all the Good to allow the Evil power to control the world.

The head of the White Force is the Flying Fish Village led by Shum Shing-Nam (David Chiang). In the White Force, the five people who were supposed to represent the community were secretly killed, and hence the series "Face to Fate" begins. In order to participate in the next Golden Seal Battle, the White Force has to look for five more talented people to fight the Black Force. Li Bo-Yee (Frankie Lam), the physic; Lai Yuek-Yee (Raymond Lam), the doctor; and Yip Mung-Sik (Tavia Yeung), are on the mission to look for five talented fighters.

Through their mission, many circumstances led to obstacles into their mission such as Li Bo-Yee and the Black Force actually have a secret relationship, Lai Yuek-Yee possess a deadly disease that makes him look old, Tavia is the daughter of a demon of the Black Force, etc. As the story progresses, the three do find five more people to battle. Unfortunately, one of them is killed, forcing Frankie Lam's character to replace him.

Meanwhile, Lai Leuk-Yee meets the love of his life, Yin Ye-Loi (Selena Li), who also has a secret identity. Because of this secret identity, the White Force does not like Yin Ye-Loi. One of the White Force attacks Selena, causing Lai Leuk-Yee to join the Black Force...


Cast Role Description
Frankie Lam Li Bo-Yee
Raymond Lam Lai Yeuk-Yee
Yin Ye-Loi's lover.
Tavia Yeung Yip Mung-Sik
Selena Li Yin Ye-Loi
Restaurant Owner
Lai Yeuk-Yee's lover.
Derek Kok Lau Fan-Yue
David Chiang Shum Shing-Nam
Mai Chin's husband.
Shum Kin-Hung's father.
Anne Heung Mai Chin
Shum Shing-Nam's wife.
Shum Kin-Hung's step-mother.
Nancy Wu Shum Kin-Hung
Shum Shing-Nam's daughter.
Felix Lok (駱應鈞) Go Shu-Tin
Yip Mung-Sik's father.

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