[boh-key, boo- for 1, 2; boo-key or, occas., boh- for 3]
Bouquet, Henry, 1719-65, British army officer in the French and Indian Wars. A French Swiss, he came to America in 1756 and distinguished himself as second in command to Gen. John Forbes in the successful expedition (1758) against Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh). In Pontiac's Rebellion he decisively defeated the Native Americans in a hotly contested battle at Bushy Run (Aug., 1763) near Pittsburgh. In 1764, Bouquet, on an expedition into the Ohio country, forced the Shawnee and other indigenous people to lay down their arms. He was brigadier general commanding the Southern Dist. at his death.

See his papers, ed. by S. K. Stevens et al. (4 vol., 1951-78); M. C. Darlington, History of Colonel Henry Bouquet and the Western Frontiers of Pennsylvania (1920, repr. 1971).

Bouquet, a word of French origin, may refer to:

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