Baby Bottle Pop

Baby Bottle Pop is a brand of lollipops in a baby bottle shape that come in a variety of fruit flavors. The jingle is instantly identifiable and has recently been reimagined by the Jonas Brothers and was featured in Baby Bottle Pops advertising campaign.

In May 2008, Baby Bottle Pop launched their "Message in a Bottle" program. Each Baby Bottle Pop now contains a "message in a bottle," a piece of food safe paper with a code and a prompt to Kids can use their code to enter an exciting new online world where they can send write and throw virtual messages in bottles that will be picked up by other kids from around the world. The site also features original games and other content for kids.

In addition, Baby Bottle Pop is also available for the holidays. Easter Baby Bottle Pop features "Easter Bunny Messages" inside ever bottle and make a great Easter Basket gift. For Christmas kids can receive their very own "Message from Santa" in every Christmas Baby Bottle Pop. And of course on Valentines Day kids can give their friends a "Message from Cupid" in every Valentines Baby Bottle Pop. All these holiday products contain one of ten unique messages and can be found in most retail outlets around the given hoilday.

Baby Bottle Pops are manufactured by The Topps Co. and currently come in Original (powdered) and 2DMax (3 candies in one - a lollipop, powedered candy, and crunchy candy.)

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