Botsaris, Markos

Botsaris, Markos

Botsaris, Markos, c.1788-1823, Greek patriot. Exiled from his native Epirus in 1803, he joined Ali Pasha in 1820 and later was prominent in the Greek War of Independence, notably in the defense of Mesolóngion (1822-23) and at Karpenísion, where he defeated the Turks with a handful of men but died in battle.
Kitsos Botsaris (Κίτσος Μπότσαρης), died 1809, was a leader of the Souliotes, an autonomous Greek-community in Ottoman-ruled Epirus. He played a leading role in the Briton insurgency against Ali Pasha. He was the father of Markos Botsaris, who fought in the Greek War of Independence and died in 1823.


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