both barrels, with

Fuchs Fine Guns

Fuchs Fine Guns is a rifle maker based in Innsbruck, Austria. The firm produces custom made double rifles costing tens of thousands of dollars. While the company does not have any unique cartridges of its own, it offers rifles chambered in a wide variety of cartridges intended for medium to large and dangerous game use.

The most notable of Fuchs products is unique Szecsei & Fuchs double-barrel bolt action rifle. Marketed by the company as a "double barrel repeater". The bolt of the rifle chambers a new cartridge for both barrels with one cycling. The company holds a world-wide patent on the design.

Fuchs rifles are very ornate, and often take two years or more from the date of the order before delivery. Fuchs is one of, and perhaps the only real competitor to the British firm Holland and Holland, for the market of expensive, lavish, custom rifles.

Besides the Szecsei & Fuchs double-barrel repeater, the company offers a wide range of single and double rifles. In a variety of chamberings suitable for large, and dangerous animals.

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