Collex-Bossy is a municipality of the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

Collex-Bossy consists of around 1480 inhabitants & 689 hectares of land, with an average altitude of 450 meters.

More than 400 hectares of land are dedicated to the production of cereals, wine, fruit and prairie land. 186 hectares are dedicated to forests and form a major part of the forests of the canton of Geneva.

The agriculture and viticulture are essential to and constitute the economy of Collex-Bossy.

Near the Genève-Cointrin airport, but away from the nuisance, Collex-Bossy provides a 'breath of greenery' from the agglomeration of the city of Geneva.

It is located south of the Jura, providing breathtaking views of the mountain range capped in snow from around mid-November onwards and is around 750m from the French/Swiss border to the west.


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