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Bossman, aka Travis Holifield or Jimmy Hash, is a hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

He has appeared on mixtapes promoted by DJ Kayslay who is well known through Baltimore Club music. Travis began his rapping career as a part of N.E.K (Northeast Kings) where he was known as "Jimmy Hash". The rap group gained a moderate level of popularity throughout Baltimore. Bossman has released his debut album Law and Order in 2004 in Baltimore only as well as Mixtapes hosted by DJ Envy and Big Mike.

Jena 6

Bossman is a supporter of the Jena 6 and made a song called Far Too Long dedicated to the Jena 6. He released it on his Myspace page The song also appeared on DJ D-Mob's Put B-More On The Map Volume 7 mixtape which came out October 27, 2007 on Datpiff It also appared on N.E.K's latest mixtape N.E.K All Day Part 1.

Album History

Law & Order

Bossman's Debut album was called Law & Order. The album was released on December 21, 2004 on Double Down Entertainment and was generally produced by 1Up productions (which is now known as 1Up Entertainment).

It's original single was "Oh!" (also known by his fans as The Baltimore Anthem) and was produced by Baltimore Club producer Rod Lee. Its second single became Off da Record after it got massive radio play on 92Q and was produced by 1Up Productions, Off Da Record was the song that got Jermaine Dupri to sign Bossman to Virgin Records and his label So So Def.

It's sales for the album was pretty high for a local release selling 13,000 copies first week alone in Baltimore. as of now, the CD has sold 80,000 copies making it the best selling local CD in Baltimore.

Home Of The Wire

Home Of The Wire is marked as Bossman's second LP release since 2004. The album is due for a 2009 release via Myspace Records/Interscope.

From Virgin to Sony Urban Music to Myspace Records/Interscope

In Early August 2007, bossman left Virgin Records right after the deal with Capital Records, Bossman signed a $2.5 million-plus deal with Sony Records under the Sony Urban Music label, later after he signed, Bossman announced that his long awaited major debut album version of this 2004 Baltimore Underground album "Law & Order" will be officially released in Mid December 2007. While He's got his fans getting ready for his album, he released a Pre-album CD entitled End Of Discussion which is only found in Baltimore stores only. Five Days after End Of Discussion released, it then went on Datpiff as a free download. End Of Discussion also came with another mixtape called The Overdose which was by N.E.K member Dollars. Recently, Bossman featured on the song "Rain" With Myspace Records artist Jeremy Greene. The Single released on the iTunes store July 22, 2008 and it's Bossman's first major guest appearance since "A-Yo!" was released. Also on Bossman's track featuring Raheem Devaughn entilted " I Wonder" he states that he closed his deal with Myspace Records. Myspace Records is distributed by powerhouse music label Interscope. A music video for the song was then recorded by Sleeping Giant Media and was released on August 26, 2008 on Sleeping Giant's YouTube page.


Albums, EPs & Mixtapes


Song Title Release Date
"Oh" (B-More Anthem) (Local Release) (Appeared on Law & Order) July 19, 2004
Off The Record (Local Release) (Appeared On Law & Order) December 4, 2004
Hand Clap (Mainstream release) (Appeared on This is A Warning & Yellowtape) November 29, 2005 (On iTunes)
You're Wrong (Mainstream release) (Appeared On Bulletproof B) July 25, 2006 (On iTunes)
A-Yo! (Mainstream release) (Appeared on both versions of The Wire Soundtracks & Bulletproof B) December 6, 2006
So Fresh (Local Release) (Appeared On End Of Discussion) May 2, 2007
Colors (Local Release) (To appear on Home Of The Wire) November 14, 2007
Ghetto (Local Release) (To appear on Home Of The Wire) March 25, 2008
Rain (Jeremy Greene Featuring Bossman) July 22, 2008
I Wonder (DJ K-Swift & Mr. Wilson Dedication) (Featuring Raheem Devaughn) August 19, 2008

Mixtapes & Albums He Has Appeared On

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