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Court Street–Borough Hall (New York City Subway)

Court Street–Borough Hall is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line, the IRT Eastern Parkway Line, and the BMT Fourth Avenue Line. The station is named Borough Hall on the IRT lines and Court Street on the BMT. Located at the intersection of Court, Joralemon and Montague Streets in Downtown Brooklyn, it is served by:

  • and trains at all times
  • and trains during rush hours
  • and trains at all times except late nights
  • trains late nights.

IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line platforms

Borough Hall on the IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line has two platforms, each on the south (railroad west) side of the tracks. Northbound trains use the upper level and southbound trains the lower, with a handicapped accessible passageway from both to the northbound side station on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line. On the wall is a large mosaic showing an image of Borough Hall and the words "Borough Hall".

IRT Eastern Parkway Line platforms

Borough Hall on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line has two tracks and two side platforms. This was the first underground subway station in Brooklyn, opened in 1908 as the terminal for the extension of the IRT subway into Brooklyn. It provided easy access to the BRT elevated Fulton Street Line and Myrtle Avenue Line, although a separate fare had to be paid.

The station consists of two platforms, one on each side of the two-track line, and offset by about one-third of their length. Only the northbound side is ADA-compliant, as is the connection to the Borough Hall station on the IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line.

In the southeast corner of the mezzanine, a plaque commemorating the subway's arrival in Brooklyn is visible. The platform and mezzanine walls feature an intricate intertwined "BH" mosaic. Also in the mezzanine is a remnant of New York's past, a bank teller window that used to be served by a local bank.

BMT Fourth Avenue Line platform

Court Street on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line is a very deep station with two tracks and a single island platform. There is a crossover above the platform level. The western end of this area is serviced by two elevators leading to Clinton Street. At the eastern end, there are banks of escalators leading to Court Street entry, where there is a transfer to the Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line and Eastern Parkway Line platforms.

A close look at the steel I-beams on the platform shows the name "Carnegie", from Carnegie Steel (predecessor of United States Steel).

Surface connections

By 1916, a single-track counterclockwise trolley loop was built around Borough Hall, with both ends at Joralemon Street, and access from westbound Fulton Street to the loop and from the loop to southbound Court Street. Passengers on lines that used the loop or lines that used Court Street or Fulton Street could transfer to the subway entrance in the triangle bounded by those two streets and the loop, north of Borough Hall. The lines that used this loop included:

Other lines that passed Borough Hall and thus served the station included:On Court Street

Effective April 7, 1930, the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation eliminated the loop to relieve congestion. Several lines were moved to a loop on Washington Street north of Tillary Street or a clockwise loop on Livingston Street, Court Street, Joralemon Street, Fulton Street, and Boerum Place.

The following bus routes currently serve the station:


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