Born and Bred

Born and Bred

Born and Bred is a light-hearted British drama series that aired on BBC One from 2002 to 2005. Created by Chris Chibnall and Nigel McCrery, Born and Bred's cast led by James Bolam and Michael French, who play a father and son who run a cottage hospital in Ormston, a fictional Lancashire village in the 1950s. Bolam and French's characters are later replaced by characters played by Richard Wilson and Oliver Milburn.



Born and Bred is based around the village of Ormston in Lancashire. The lead characters are Dr. Arthur Gilders and his son Tom, who together run the cottage hospital under the new National Health Service. Tom is married to Deborah, who is chairman of the Parish Council, and they have four children, Helen, Michael, Catherine and Philip. The hospital's nurse is Linda Cosgrove, who is married to the village policeman Len. The local pub is run by Phyllis Woolf and the village shop by Mr. Boynton. Other characters include station master Wilf Bradshaw. His daughter, Jean, owns the scrapyard, later married Eddie Mills, a mechanic. The local vicar in Reverend Brewer. Arthur and Tom leave the series and are replaced by Dr. Donald Newman and Dr. Nick Logan.


Born and Bred first aired on 21 April 2002. After four series, a Christmas special and 36 episodes it ended on 3 August 2005. Each episode is 60 minutes long and aired on BBC One at the 8pm Sunday slot.

DVD releases

All episodes of Born and Bred have been released on DVD in the UK on Region 2.

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