Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia

Borken is a town and the capital of the district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


Borken is situated 10 km east of the Dutch border.

Neighbouring places

Division of the town

Borken consists of 12 districts:

  • Borken
  • Borkenwirthe/Burlo
  • Gemen
  • Grütlohn
  • Gemenwirthe
  • Gemenkrückling

  • Hoxfeld
  • Hovesath
  • Marbeck
  • Rhedebrügge
  • Weseke
  • Westenborken


The village of Borken was founded around 800. It became a town in the 13th century. In the last years of the Holy Roman Empire (1803-06) it was the capital of the short-lived principality of Salm.

Sights in Borken

  • Gemen Castle, surrounded by a water moat, built in 1411
  • Medieval city wall with five round watchtowers from the 14th century
  • St. Remigius church, about 1160


Borken is twinned with the following towns:

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