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[buh-ree-suhf, -suhv; Russ. buh-ryee-suhf]
Borisov, Boiko, 1959-, Bulgarian political leader, prime minister of Bulgaria (2009-). Trained as a firefighter, he joined the interior ministry in 1982, serving as a chief firefighter then (1985) as a lecturer in Sofia's police academy. In the 1990s Borisov ran his own private security firm, earning a reputation for toughness, and returned to government as chief secretary of the interior ministry in 2001. Promoted to colonel in 2002 and lieutenant general in 2004, he resigned (2005) after conflicts with Bulgaria's socialist government. In 2006 he founded the center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) and was elected mayor of Sofia. In 2009 GERB won a near majority of seats in parliament, and Borisov became prime minister.
Borisov (Борисов; Борисов), or Borisova (female; Борисова) is a common Russian and Bulgarian last name and may refer to:




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