McLeod's Daughters

McLeod's Daughters is an Australian television drama that aired on the Nine Network from 2001-2009. It tells the story of two McLeod sisters who are reunited when they inherit a vast outback cattle station. Thrown together after 20 years apart they pull together an all-female workforce and commit to life at Drovers Run, 180 km from the nearest town and 400 km from the city.


When elderly Jack McLeod dies, leaving his his heavily mortgaged family farm of Drover's Run, to his daughters, Tess returns home to the place where she had left more than 20 years before. Jack was first married to Prudence and they had a daughter Claire and a son Adam. Tragically both Prue and Adam die during childbirth, leaving Jack alone to raise Claire. A few years later he meets and marries a city girl, Ruth Silverman, and they have a daughter, Tess. Growing up, the two girls had been very close but were separated when Ruth took 5-year-old Tess back to the city.

Tess, who recently lost her mother to breast cancer, returns to Drover's in the hopes of cashing out and opening a cafe in the city, but is disappointed to be met with a less-than-rosy financial picture and the open resentment of her older sister. After Claire fires the male workforce, the sisters, with the help of housekeeper Meg Fountain, her daughter Jodi, and local girl Becky, decide to run the property themselves. The tentative, and presumably temporary partnership is the first step in the reunited sisters' effort to heal old wounds, improve their relationship, and lift the property out of debt.

Since Claire's shock death in 2003, Tess's departure with husband Nick Ryan overseas in 2006 and Jodi Fountain McLeod's death. Drovers Run is now in the hands of their cousins Grace, Regan & Jasmine McLeod along with farm hands Moria Doyle, Stevie Hall Ryan and Tayler Geddes.

The McLeod Daughters

Actor Character First Appearance Last Appearance
Lisa Chappell Claire McLeod 2001 2003
Bridie Carter Tess Silverman McLeod 2001 2006
Rachael Carpani Jodi Fountain-McLeod 2001 2007
Edwina Ritchard Jaz McLeod 2004 2009
Zoe Naylor Regan McLeod 2005 2009
Abi Tucker Grace McLeod 2007 2009

Series history

Posie Graeme-Evans developed the idea for McLeod's Daughters in the early 1990s for her company Millennium Television in conjunction with the South Australian Film Corporation - she also developed the idea for children's television programs such as The Miraculous Mellops and Hi-5. The idea was for a television drama set on an Australian rural property with two half-sisters running the property inherited from their father with an all-female workforce. She developed the idea from stories from friends who grew up in the country and from the love of South Australian landscapes as shown in the paintings of Hans Heysen.

Graeme-Evans pitched the idea to the board of the Nine Network who agreed to film a telemovie in 1996 with Jack Thompson starring as Jack McLeod who is the father and whose death leads to the two half-sisters (portrayed by Kym Wilson as Tess and Tammy MacIntosh as Claire) inheriting the property. Following the success of the telemovie shown on Mother's Day 1996.

The Nine Network board agreed to commission a 22 episode series in late 2000 after the Opening Ceremony for the 2000 Sydney Olympics featured a The Man from Snowy River theme highlighting the cultural significance of the bush to Australians. The first episode of McLeod's Daughters debuted in August 2001 and proved to be a smash hit, attracting 1.89 million viewers. The first series proved to be a success attracting an average of 1.5 million viewers an episode in Australia. The show also proved to be a success when shown in New Zealand on TV2 one of TVNZ's free-to-air channels.

The second series of McLeod's Daughters was equally successful, being the third most popular drama on Australian television. By 2003, the show was the most popular drama series on Australian television. Lisa Chappell who played Claire McLeod, the older McLeod daughter, left the show in October 2003 to further her acting and singing career. Her character was killed off in the landmark episode 72, 'My Noon, My Midnight'.

The popularity of the program in Australia was highlighted when the show won four Logies, including Lisa Chappell winning most popular female actor, Aaron Jeffrey most popular actor and most popular Australian drama series.

Rachael Carpani's departure in 2007 meant that the show had only one original cast member, Aaron Jeffery (who will officially leave in 2008 leaving no original cast members). 2007 also marked the year which many viewers considered the show to have "jumped the shark", with the storylines becoming so far-fetched that the show had drifted into a new direction, that of a soap-opera (which is also reflected in the low ratings). Aaron Jeffrey's commented to The Daily Telegraph that his desire to departure from the show was due to the new direction which the show was moving in, and he did not like it.

The 200th episode of McLeod's Daughters aired on 3 October 2007, with Hugh McLeod returning for this special event (Grace, Jasmine & Regan's father). Ratings for this episode were very poor by Australian standards, with only 1,008,000 viewers tuning in.

The final and eighth season will begin on 23 July 2008 with the episode 203, "Aftermath". The show will then finish early 2009 or late 2008 with the final, episode 224.



Actor Character First Appearance Last Appearance
Lisa Chappell Claire McLeod 8 August 2001 22 October 2003
Bridie Carter Tess Silverman McLeod 8 August 2001 3 May 2006
Rachael Carpani Jodi Fountain-McLeod 8 August 2001 11 April 2007
Jessica Napier Becky Howard 8 August 2001 1 October 2003
Aaron Jeffery Alex Ryan 8 August 2001 TBA 2008
Myles Pollard Nick Ryan 8 August 2001 3 May 2006
Sonia Todd Meg Fountain Dodge 8 August 2001 11 April 2007
Brett Tucker Dave Brewer 12 February 2003 29 November 2006
Simmone Jade Mackinnon Stevie Hall 8 October 2003 TBA 2008
Michala Banas Kate Manfredi 19 May 2004 TBA 2008
Doris Younane Moira Doyle 2001 TBA 2008
Zoe Naylor Regan McLeod 18 May 2005 TBA 2008
Jonny Pasvolsky Rob Shelton/Matt Bosnich 3 August 2005 11 April 2007
Luke Jacobz Patrick Brewer 12 October 2005 TBA 2008
Dustin Clare Riley Ward 26 July 2006 23 July 2008
Gillian Alexy Tayler Geddes 29 November 2006 TBA 2008
Matt Passmore Marcus Turner 5 April 2006 TBA 2008
Abi Tucker Grace McLeod 18 April 2007 TBA 2008
Edwina Ritchard Jaz McLeod 3 November 2004 TBA 2008
John Schwarz Ben Hall TBA 2008 TBA 2008

  • In 2007 Sonia Todd returned with a guest role as Meg Fountain Dodge for 2 episodes.
  • The year for Moira's first appearance is when she was a recurring character not a main character.
  • The year for Tayler's first appearance is when she was a guest star not a main character.
  • The Year 2006 For Marcus is actually the year Matt Passmore appeared on the show not the character.
  • Jasmine McLeod was played by Anna Torv in 2004 for 2 episodes and then left and Edwina Ritchard will take over in 2008 when Jasmine Returns.

  • Upcoming & Currently Active Cast are in Yellow, Previous Cast are in Blue.

Recurring cast members

Actor Character Status
Marshall Napier Harry Ryan/Carl Wetherdon 2001 - 2006
John Jaratt Terry Dodge 2001 - 2006
Fletcher Humphrys Brett "Brick" Buchanan 2001 - 2003
Henry Nixon Shearer/Greg Dawson 2001, 2005, 2006
Rodger Corser Peter Johnson 2001 - 2004
Ben Mortley Alberto Borele 2001, 2002 - 2003
Kathryn Hartmman Sally Clemments 2002 - 2005
Stelios Yiakmis Sergeant Frank Da Costa 2002
Charlie Clausen Jake Harrison 2002 - 2003
Richard Healy Kevin Fountain 2002, 2003, 2006
Inge Hornstra Sandra Kinsella Ryan 2002 - 2006
Reece Horner Nat 2003 - 2008
Jovita Lee Shaw Kylie Buchanan 2003
John Stanton Bryce Redstaff 2003 - 2007
Carmel Johnson Beth Martin 2003 - 2007
Brooke, Kaitlyn and Tahlia Stacey-Clark Charlotte McLeod 2004 - 2006
Harold Hopkins Ken Logan 2004
Susan Godfrey Jennifer Logan 2004
Tasma Walton Tracy Morrison 2004
Grant Bowler Jared Wuchowski 2004
Glenda Linscott Celia Rivers 2004
Craig McLachlan Kane Morgan 2004
Basia A'Hern Rose Hall-Smith 2004 - 2008
Dean O'Gorman Luke Morgan 2004 - 2005
Anna Torv Jasmine McLeod 2004
Josef Bur Hugh McLeod 2004, 2005, 2007
Rhys Muldoon Jeremy Quaid 2005
Jeremy Sims Will Hamilton 2005
Sonja Tallis Alessa Manfredi 2005
Tara Morice Michelle Hall - Smith 2005
Sophie Cleary Catrina Bradfield 2005, 2006
John Atkinson Roger 2005, 2006, 2007
Matt Passmore Greg Hope 2006
Michelle Langstone Fiona Webb Ryan 2006
Peter Hardy Phil Rakich 2006 - 2008
Damien Richardson Tom Braiden 2006
Daniel Feuerriegel Leo Coombes 2006
Joe Petruzzi Sgt. Tony Rablsi 2006
Andrew.S.Gilbert Joel Sanderson 2006
Alicya Debnam Carey Chloe Sanderson 2006
Robert Coleby Howard Webb 2006
Steve Vidler Hugh Doyle 2006
Rebecca Lavelle Bindy Martin 2006
Sullivan Stapleton Drew Cornwell 2006
Samantha Tolj Heather Richardson 2007
Liam Hemsworth Damon 2007
Callan Mulvey Mitch Wahlberg 2007
Jay Laga'aia Gabe 2007
Wendy Bos Karen Aitken 2007
Sam Healy Ashleigh Redstaff 2007
Rachael Coopes Ingrid Marr 2007 - 2008
Scott Lowe Jim Selkirk 2007 - 2008
Sandy Winton Heath Barrett 2007
Anita Hegh Sharon Buckingham 2008
Zoe Naylor Regan McLeod 2008
Martin Lynes Frank Edwards 2008
Alex Cook Lily Edwards 2008
Gus Murray Father Dan 2008
Ashton & Tate Hutchins Xander Ryan 2008

Ratings, Rank and Fans Ranks

Season Timeslot Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Rank Fans Rank Viewers
(in millions)
Season 1 Wednesday 7:30pm 8 August 2001 20 March 2002 2001 - 2002 #1 #1 1.8
Season 2 Wednesday 7:30pm 27 March 2002 16 October 2002 2002 #1 #1 1.8
Season 3 Wednesday 7:30pm 12 February 2003 29 October 2003 2003 #1 #1 1.8
Season 4 Wednesday 7:30pm 11 February 2004 24 November 2004 2004 #2 #1 1.7
Season 5 Wednesday 7:30pm 9 February 2005 23 November 2005 2005 #2 #3 1.7
Season 6 Wednesday 7:30pm 15 February 2006 29 November 2006 2006 #4 #3 1.5
Season 7 Wednesday 7:30pm 7 February 2007 17 October 2007 2007 #9 #5 1.1
Season 8 Wednesday 8:30pm 23 July 2008 TBA, 2009 2008 - 2009 TBA TBA TBA




Locations in Gungellan:

  • Drovers Run - Drovers Run is the main setting for the show. Drovers Run has been in the McLeod family for years; passed down to father, son & now daughter with Claire McLeod , Tess Silverman McLeod, Jodi Fountain McLeod and Grace McLeod all have ran Drovers Run along with part-owners Stevie Hall Ryan and Regan McLeod and with help of all the staff.
  • Killarney - Killarney is also know as the Ryan Empire that Harry Ryan owned and as he grew older his sons Alex and Nick took over and when Nick left, Alex ran Killarney for a couple of years then his brother Marcus came along and Alex and Marcus both own and run Killarney. Killarney is the opposite of Drovers
  • Kinsellas - Kinsellas is a local farm that was run by Sandra Kinsella from 2003 - 2006. The name has changed since Heath Barret brought it.
  • The Local Pub - The Local Pub is where everyone goes for a drink after a hard days labour. Becky worked there in 2001, Jodi worked there briefly in 2005 and Tayler also worked there briefly in 2007. The pub is most likely the only pub in Gungellan
  • The Truck Stop - The Truck Stop is where most of town buy there supplies and when they need fuel. It was first owned by Harry Ryan. Then Terry Dodge then Moira Doyle & Regan McLeod and the current owner is Phill Rakich.
  • The Town Hall - The Town Hall is where most major events are helf like Miss Gungellan, Plays and much more things and the much recent bad turn out with Jodi crashing the towns birthday celebration.
  • Fisher - Gungellan's closest larger town.


In McLeod's Daughters it's first & second season it aired 22 episodes each which meant by the end of 2002 it had only aired 44. By 2003 the show began airing 30 episodes making the total 74. In its fourth season the show aired 32 episodes and also aired the 100th episode and finished on a total of 106 episodes. Season 5 remained the same airing episodes 107 - 138. The sixth season also remained the same airing episodes 139 - 170. The seventh season suffered a major drop in viewers because the seventh's season was so far fetched and also aired it's 200th episode. The Show has currently aired 202 episodes in Australia since 16 October 2007 and will air the final 22 episodes in 2008 making the total by the end of the series 224 Episodes.
Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date Discs
Season 1 22 2001 - 2002 10 September 2003 6
Season 2 22 2002 12 July 2004 6
Season 3 30 2003 June, 2005 6
Season 4 32 2004 October, 2005 7
Season 5 32 2005 April, 2006 7
Season 6 32 2006 11 April 2007 7
Season 7 32 2007 30 April 2008 7
Season 8 22 2008 - 2009 5 November 2008 6


Music From McLeod's Daughters


Logie Awards

McLeod's Daughters has been nominated for, and won, numerous Logie awards including Lisa Chappell who won "Most Popular new Female talent" in 2002 and Aarron Jeffery who was awarded "Most popular Actor" in 2004. McLeod's Daughters is nominated for two awards in 2008 including" Most Popular Australian Drama" and Simmone Jade Mackinnon who is nominated for most popular actress.

DVD Releases

VHS/DVD release

For further information on each individual release, see the relevant McLeod's Daughters seasons.
The Complete First - Seventh Series have been released in Region 4 format with the earliest being released in 2003 and the latest being released 30 April 2008.The Region 1 has so far released Series 1 - 6 with the seventh Early December.,

McLeod's Daughters Australian VHS release
Series Length Episodes
Series 1 5 VHS tapes 1 - 22
Series 2 5 VHS tapes 23 - 44
Series 3 6 VHS tapes 45 - 74
Series 4 7 VHS tapes 75 - 106

McLeod's Daughters Australian DVD release
Series Release date Colour Featured episodes Discs
The Complete First Series 10 September 2003 Light Blue 1 - 22 6
The Complete Second Series 12 July 2004 Yellow 23 - 44 6
The Complete Third Series 13 April 2005 Green 45 -74 6
The Complete Fourth Series 12 October 2005 Maroon 75 - 106 7
The Complete Fifth Series 3 May 2006 Dark Orange 107 - 138 7
The Complete Sixth Series 17 April 2007 Light Blue 139 - 170 7
The Complete Seventh Series 30 April 2008 Light Orange 171 - 202 7
The Complete Eighth Series 5 November 2008 Green 203 - 224 6


Country Name Network/Channel Start Date End Date
McLeod's Daughters Nine Network 8 August 2001 2008 or 2009
McLeod's Daughters Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters TV2 Between 2001 - 2003 2009
McLeods Töchter VOX
McLeods Töchter VOX
McLeods Töchter VOX
McLeod's Daughters Hallmark Channel
Asia McLeod's Daughters Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters Net 5 2001 2008 or 2009
McLeod's Daughters VTM
McLeod's Daughters One
McLeod's Daughters (french) Vision TV
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel (Hungary)
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel (Italy)
Latin America McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters Kanal 2
McLeod's Daughters GTV
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
Galacia (Spain) As irmás McLeod TVG
McLeod's Daughters TVNorge
McLeods döttrar Hallmark Channel
Kanal 5
McLeod's Daughters RTÉ 2
McLeod's Daughters Kanal 4
McLeod's Daughters YLE 2
McLeod's Daughters HRT
McLeod's Daughters The Hallmark Channel
McLeod's Daughters KUWAIT TV2
KTV2 National Channel

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