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The Libertarian Book Club is an independent publisher and political organization, founded in the late 1940s by a group that included Gregori Maximoff, Sam Dolgoff and Valerio Isca, using money from Laurance Labadie.

It has published original and translated texts written from various anarchist and syndicalist perspectives, and re-printed earlier texts that have influenced left-wing politics. It also organized lectures, panels, and forum events on libertarian socialism.

It is most noted for its 1963 publication of The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner. The book, a re-print of a 1907 translation by Steven T. Byington, edited by James J. Martin and with a cover by the son of Rudolf Rocker, revived interest in Stirner as an influence on anarchism and other far-left ideologies and brought Stirner to a wider audience in America.

The Libertarian Book Club still exists as a small press publisher based in Lafayette Street in New York City, and runs the New York Anarchist Forum.

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