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I. / St. G. 3

I. / St. G. 3 is the second a release of German musical project Feindflug, released in 1998.

I. / St. G. 3 was released on the radical right-wing VAWS label. Feindflug's members, DJ Felix and DJ Banane, say they regret this, and didn't know what VAWS was about, but that no-one else was willing to release their work due to the controversial name, imagery, and use of samples.

Track listing

  1. Im Auftrag der Ehre ("On behalf of honour") – 3:38
  2. NSD ("NSD") – 3:00
  3. Leitbild ("Mission statement" or "Model", "Example") – 4:03
  4. Lagerhaft ("Detention in a camp") – 5:14
  5. Kahle Bedrohung ("Bare threat") – 4:26
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