List of James Bond henchmen in Dr. No

A list of henchman from the 1962 James Bond novel and film Dr. No from the List of James Bond henchmen.

Miss Taro

Miss Taro (Zena Marshall) is the leading villainess from Dr. No, the series' debut film. She is a Bond girl and a Henchwoman. She is a secretary in Government House. Kingston, Jamaica, to Colonial Secretary, Pleydell-Smith. She also is a henchwoman to Doctor Julius No; only Bond discovers this. He first meets her at Government House. When she grasps that Bond and Pleydell-Smith are talking about Dr. No, she spies through the keyhole of his office door. Bond then persuades her to a rendez-vous at her house outside of Kingston; he does not know she is a honey trap. Enroute to her house, Bond eludes Spectre pursuers and arrives at her house; she is surprised.

Miss Taro then copulates with Bond, making time for Professor Dent to go there and kill him. She is the first Bond Girl agent 007 seduces while on mission; the previous liaison was Sylvia Trench, who is unrelated to the mission. Bond then telephones for a "taxi" to collect them for dinner out. She boards the "taxi", then understands it is a police trap she walked into, not a taxi; she is arrested, Bond remains in her house, awaiting Professor Dent's attempt to kill him.

The Three Blind Mice

The Three Blind Mice are three professional assassins who work for Dr. Julius No. They shoot British Secret Service representative John Strangways with silenced revolvers and later murder his secretary, Mary Prescott. Their killings bring James Bond to Jamaica to investigate. The Three Blind Mice attempt to eliminate Bond as he exits a taxi outside of his hotel but their attempt fails. Later on they pursue Bond's Sunbeam Alpine with their LaSalle through the mountains, with the help of their Hearse Driver,while he is on his way to see Miss Taro. During the chase an adroit maneuver by Bond leads them to crash in flames after going off a mountainside. The Three Blind Mice are not mentioned in the film's opening or end credits. The James Bond Encyclopedia recently released the names of all three actors of the Three Blind Mice as well as their Hearse Driver:

  • Eric Coverly (1st Beggar)
  • Charles Edghill (2nd Beggar)
  • Henry Lopez (3rd Beggar)
  • Adrian Robinson (Hearse Driver)

Dr. No’s photographer

Dr. No’s photographer (named Freelance by James Bond) is an unnamed female photographer (Though in the novel,her name is Annabelle Chung) working for Doctor Julius No of SPECTRE in the 1962 James Bond film Dr. No.

The photographer, an attractive dark-haired woman of Central or South American descent, first appears in the film at Kingston airport where she attempts to take a photograph of James Bond as he arrives in Jamaica. Bond half-consciously shields his face with his hat and gets into the car of Mr. Jones also of SPECTRE.

She later reappears in the film, again sent by Dr. No to take another photograph of Bond as he is discussing plans with Felix Leiter and Quarrel at a Jamaican calypso restaurant. This time she is spotted by Bond who orders Quarrel to seize her. Bond asks her who she is working for and she replies that she was working for the Daily Gleaner, a local newspaper in Kingston. When Bond asks the head waiter to check it out, she is forced to change her story and confess that she was a freelance photographer. She then attempts to physically harm Quarrel by cutting his face with a broken flashbulb from her camera. Quarrel seems unaffected and threatens to break her arm. Bond then destroys her film and she is set free, never to be seen again, after stating that the men will be sorry for their actions, she may have been killed for failing the mission but it was never mentioned.

Marguerite LeWars, who portrayed the photographer, was the reigning Miss Jamaica at the time of shooting in 1962.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is a fictional character from the first James Bond film, Dr. No, released in 1962. He is the first Bond villain to officially encounter Bond in the entire film franchise.

In the film, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, travels to Jamaica to investigate interference with American space rockets which appears to be originating in the area. As Bond leaves Kingston Airport, Mr. Jones, dressed in a beige uniform and cap, coolly greets him and insists that he is a chauffeur from Government House who had been sent to meet him. Bond phones Government House (under the pretext of checking his reservation), but learns that no car has been sent, thus identifying Jones as an imposter.

Bond is then driven by Jones along a coastal road. He begins to drive quickly when they are being tailed (by Felix Leiter of the CIA). Bond orders Jones to take a road on the right, losing the pursuers, where the car comes to a stop, with Bond holding the imposter at gun-point. Bond asks Jones for whom he is working, and Jones tries to reach for a pistol in the glove compartment. Despite resistance, Bond is quick to overcome him and again demands an answer. Mr. Jones begs for a cigarette, which, unknown to Bond, has a strychnine pill as a filter. He breaks this pill from the cigarette with his teeth and dies within seconds, cursing Bond with his final words.

It is found later in the film that Jones was in fact an agent of the crime syndicate SPECTRE and was working for Doctor Julius No, who had ordered that Bond be followed and killed.

Professor R. J. Dent

Professor R. J. Dent is a fictional character in the James Bond film Dr. No, portrayed by Anthony Dawson.

Dent is a metallurgist with a private practice in Kingston; he also secretly works for Doctor Julius No. He is first seen playing cards with John Strangways and other officials. When investigating Strangways' death, Bond initially suspects Dent, when he finds the rocks Dent is studying are radioactive.

Bond then questions Dent about the rocks in his office after encountering his young secretary played by Bettina Le Beau. Dent reports his fears about Bond to Dr. No, who orders him to eliminate Bond with a deadly spider. Dent puts it into Bond's bed, but he escapes. When Bond meets with Miss Taro, Dent sneaks up to the house, but not before Miss Taro speaks about the plot.

Bond waits for Dent, putting pillows under his covers as a decoy. Dent empties his gun into the bed, leaving him defenceless when Bond, having quipped "That's a Smith and Wesson and you've had your six," executes him with a shot to the chest and a follow-up bullet in the back.

This scene was controversial because it showed the hero of the film killing a man in cold blood, and even though Ian Fleming had conceived the character as one who is authorized to commit such actions, in none of his novels is Bond shown acting in this manner. According to James Bond: The Legacy, the filmmakers needed a scene to illustrate the "licensed to kill" concept and in fact had originally filmed the scene to show Bond firing several more bullets into Dent, but ultimately removed all but the first shot (some televised broadcasts such as those by the American ABC network delete the second bullet to the back). It is sometimes stated that an alternate version was shot with Dent firing first and Bond returning fire, but this is a myth.

Interestingly the pistol used by Dent is an semi-automatic, necessarily as it it fitted with a suppressor. Generally Smith and Wesson semi-automatics of the period would have a magazine of at least eight rounds, with another in the chamber. There are Smith & Wesson Model 52 pistols designed for target shooting with a five round magazine, with one in the chamber making six.

Sister Lily

Sister Lily is a fictional character in the James Bond film Dr. No, portrayed by Yvonne Shima.

Lily is one of Dr. No's personal assistants in his Crab Key facility. Oddly chipper despite the grim atmosphere around her, she greets Bond and Honey Ryder after they leave decontamination. She seems to enjoy making small talk with them, bringing up topics like when the two were supposed to arrive and all the perks of eating with No seemingly at random. She shows Bond and Honey to their room and tells them they can ask for anything they want from room service, disappearing behind a sliding door with an ironic smile when Bond suggests two first-class tickets to London. She is seen again packing a bag to flee the island when the reactor complex overloads – amid the chaos, Bond grabs her and insists she guide him to Honey.

Sister Rose

Sister Rose is a fictional character in the James Bond film Dr. No, portrayed by Michele Mok.

Rose is another one of the assistants at Crab Key, and she shares many traits with her associate Lily, including her strangely lighthearted behavior. Rose seems to be a receptionist of sorts, as she is most often seen behind a desk. Rose makes her entrance by offering Bond a cigarette and introducing herself, but she then leaves him and Honey alone to be taken to their rooms.

Rose reappears later to fulfill the same duties Lily did earlier as an escort for Bond and Honey. After she briefs them on dinner with Dr. No and guides them to an elevator, she is not seen again.

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