Bolo may be:

  • Bolo knife, a Filipino machete used for agricultural purposes and as a weapon.
  • Bolo punch, a wide sweeping uppercut used in boxing.
  • Bolo tie, decorative string with an ornament clasp worn around the neck, worn in the American West, also known as a bola tie
  • a community or tribe in bolo'bolo (1983), by Swiss author P.M..
  • Bolo, a slang term for Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War.

In military:

  • Bolo Shell, a type of specialty shotgun shell
  • Bolo (tank), a type of enhanced artificially intelligent tank appearing in the science fiction of Keith Laumer. The word was vaguely taken from the US Army use.
  • B-18 Bolo, a United States Army Air Corps bomber aircraft from the 1930s

In places:

In people:

In gaming:


  • BOLO, an acronym used by law enforcement for "Be On The Lookout".

See also

  • Bolas, a throwing rope with weights at both ends to entangle prey.
  • Bolo (slang), anything good in life; it is often yelled in a drunken rage.

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