Bojer, Johan, 1872-1959, Norwegian writer. Bojer's novels of contemporary Norwegian life treat social issues from a classical liberal viewpoint. The Power of a Lie (1903, tr. 1908) and The Great Hunger (1916, tr. 1918) illustrate his humanistic philosophy. The greater depth of The Last of the Vikings (1921, tr. 1923) and Folk by the Sea (1929, tr. 1931) won critical acclaim in Norway. Bojer's later novels include The King's Men (1938, tr. 1940) and Skyld (1948).

See study by C. Gad (1974).

The Bojer's Skink (Gongylomorphus bojerii formerly Scelotes bojeri) is a small skink from the Gongylomorphus genus.


This species is named after Wenceslas Bojer. Its size is about 6 cm. It has developed five fingers on each extremity.


It occurs in patches of the Black River Gorges National Park and on some off-shore islands of Mauritius including Ilot Vacoas, Round Island, Serpent Island, Ilot Gabriel, Pigeon Rock, Flat Island, Gunner’s Quoin, Ile aux Aigrettes, and Ile de la Passe.


It was once thought to be extinct but it was rediscovered in 1970. Especially shrews have caused the decline of the skinks. Thanks to the efforts of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation staff the invasive species could be eradicated from its habitat. In addition the establishing of captive breeding and reintroducing programs in the Gerald Durrell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary lead to the increasing of the population.

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