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The Bile-Up (or Boil-Up) is consider the cultural dish of the Kriols of Belize. It is combination Boiled Eggs, Fish and/or Pig tail, with number of ground foods such as Cassava, Green Plantains, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, and Tomato Sauce.

In New Zealand a boil-up is a colloquial term for a method of cooking used by the Māori peoples. A simple method of cooking, a Boil-up is literally the boiling of different foodstuffs in a large pot (usually a stockpot) together to create a sort of crossover between a soup and a stew.

Traditionally ingredients used are pork bones, puha, potato, pumpkin, watercress, and doughboys.

It is also a term used in the Eastern Provinces of Canada to refer to an afternoon break with tea and sometimes sandwiches.

Also used as Australian slang for a tea or coffee break

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  • Fry up, the "Full English breakfast."

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