body slam

Body Slam (song)

"Body Slam" is a song that was recorded by Bootsy's Rubber Band. It was released in 1982 by Warner Bros. Records. The song was never featured on any of Bootsy Collins' albums until the 1994 release of the compilation Back In The Day: The Best Of Bootsy. The song is a reconstruction of the track "Countracula (This One's For You)" from the album The One Giveth, the Count Taketh Away. The single reached number 12 in Billboard Magazine's Black Singles charts. The b-side of "Body Slam" was "I'd Rather Be With You".


  • Bass, Guitars, and Drums: Bootsy Collins
  • Strings and Things: Bootsy Collins, Joel Johnson
  • Vocals: Bootsy Collins, Joel Johnson,
  • Percussion: Bootsy Collins, Joel Johnson, Wes Boatman
  • Grand piano: Kae Williams Jr.
  • Organ part: Bruce Weeden
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