Robert Bodanzky

Robert Bodanzky (Danton, *18. March 1879, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary; 1923, Berlin, Deutschland) was an Austrian journalist, playwright, poet and artist. While he became famous for his apolitical poems before the first World War, he became an Anarchist and Socialist afterwards, writing political essays, plays and poems.


  • Mitislaw der Moderne", Glockenverlag, Wien, 1907, (Text: Fritz Grünbaum and Robert Bodanzky; Music: Franz Lehár)
  • Der Liebeswalzer, 1908 (with Fritz Grünbaum)
  • Revolutionäre Dichtungen und Politische Essays, Verlag Erkenntns und Befreiung, 1925, Wien, Klosterneuburg

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