Chris Allen (author)

Chris Allen is an academic, writer, blogger, commentator and broadcaster. Most notably, he is a leading academic voice on contemporary Islamophobia and was the co-author of the "Summary report on Islamophobia in the EU after 11 September 2001" with Jorgen S. Nielsen in May 2002. The report was the culmination of what remains the largest monitoring project on Islamophobia to have been commissioned to date.


Chris completed his doctoral studies in Theology (Islamic Studies) at the University of Birmingham where he was funded by the (AHRC - Arts & Humanities Research Council) to explore the discourse and theory of Islamophobia. In recent years he has also taught in Birmingham's Sociology department on its 'Multiculturalism', 'Media, Culture & Society' and 'Research Skills & Methods' imodules.

Chris is currently employed as the Director of Research & Policy at BRAP (formerly Birmingham Race Action Partnership), a Birmingham-based equalities and human rights agency. Here, he manages a research team that is rapidly gaining a national reputation. For more information about BRAP, visit their website at

IN addition, he is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton where he teaches modules on 'Islam', @religious Communities in the West Midlands' and 'Contemporary religious Landscape of Britain'. He also continues to be an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, teaching on the 'Islam in the West' course. He has also taught 'Religious Communities in the West Midlands' at the University of Wolverhampton and a postgraduate module at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, 'Muslims in Britain'.

Beyond this, he has published and presented his research extensively both in the UK and across Europe. He is currently finalising the manuscripts for a forthcoming book on Islamophobia to be published by Ashgate and has recently been commissioned to edit a three part series entitled, 'Muslim Diversities' with Routledge. Elsewhere he has a number of chapters awaiting publication, is a columnist for the Birmingham Post and writes regularly for various newspapers and magazines.

In the past, he has worked closely with a number of Muslim and non-Muslim organisations and institutions and through this has secured a number of research grants. As a result, he has undertaken research that has been commissioned on either behalf of or submitted to, the House of Lords Select Committee on Religious Offences, the British Council and the Higher Education Academy's Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies amongst others. More recently he has worked on projects for the European Commission on Security Issues in Europe, the Greater London Authority (GLA), the London Borough of Hounslow and Football Unites Racism Divides.

He regularly undertakes work for the media including Channel 4, the BBC (through various organisations), Central (ITV), Islam Channel and Sky News whilst also facilitating cultural awareness training. Until recently, he co-presented with Musab Bora a topical weekly radio show on Birmingham based radio station, Unity FM. More recently, he has presented a news show on South Birmingham Community Radio.

He currently lives in the West Midlandsin England with his partner, who between them have four children.



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The above is merely a representative example of the type of articles published. Other articles have also appeared in the following publications:

Ahead (UK)

al-Ahram (Egypt)

Arab Media Watch (UK & Middle East)

Cry Wolf (UK)

Emel (UK) (International)

Predator (UK)

Raw Edge (UK) (UK) (UK)


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