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BBC Radio Cymru is BBC Cymru Wales's Welsh language radio station, broadcasting throughout Wales on FM since 1977. It was one of the few FM-only radio services in the UK at the time of its launch. The station now broadcasts for 20 hours a day (0500-0100) and is also carried on DAB digital radio within Wales, and also on Freeview and satellite. The station has also been broadcasting on the Internet since January 2005.

Radio Cymru first began broadcasting on 3 January 1977 with a news bulletin read by Gwyn Llewellyn, followed by its first programme - the breakfast show Helo Bobol!, presented by Hywel Gwynfryn. Radio Cymru was the first dedicated Welsh language broadcasting outlet, allowing much more airtime for Welsh language programmes than had previously been available on the old Radio 4 Wales (or the Welsh Home Service prior to 1967). Over the years it has done much to promote the language, with its sports commentators coining new terms which later became accepted by Welsh linguists.

It is similar in format to many radio stations with news programmes at breakfast (Post Cyntaf), lunchtime (Taro'r Post - a debate-driven programme) and drivetime (Post Prynhawn), DJs who chat to callers and run competitions (Jonsi, for example) and until recently, a daily soap opera (Rhydeglwys). Radio Cymru also produces current affairs, drama, features, youth and sports programming. One of its more unusual programmes is Y Talwrn, a poetry competition in which teams must come up with poetry in specific styles on specific topics.

Radio Cymru programming is produced from studios in Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth.


The evening output of Radio Cymru (8pm to 1am) is branded "C2" and is aimed at a younger audience than the rest of the station. It covers the contemporary Welsh music scene extensively. The service typically opens at 8pm each weeknight with Magi Dodd presenting and closes at 1am. Since October 2007, the 10pm hour has been given over to new music and features.

Other presenters include Glyn Wise, Huw Stephens and Lisa Gwilym.

Most of C2's programmes are produced in Cardiff with the exception of Lisa Gwilym's Thursday/Friday night show, which is produced in Bangor.

Regular presenters

Radio Cymru presenters, sorted alphabetically

  • Kate Crockett (Stiwdio)
  • Ffion Dafis (C2 Thursday and Friday)
  • Iolo ap Dafydd (Post Cyntaf)
  • Magi Dodd (C2)
  • Dafydd Du (Weekday mornings, Saturday lunchtime)
  • Dylan Ebenezer (Camp Lawn, C2 sport on Tuesday)
  • Beti George (Beti a'i Phobol, events coverage)
  • Daniel Glyn (C2 Wednesday)
  • Gareth Glyn (Post Prynhawn)
  • Marc Griffiths (Saturday evening show)
  • Gwenllian Grigg (Post Cyntaf Saturday, C2 news)
  • Lisa Gwilym (C2 Thursday and Friday, Sunday afternoon show)
  • Hywel Gwynfryn (Sunday morning show)
  • John Hardy (Cofio)
  • Dai Jones (Ar Eich Cais)
  • Dylan Jones (Taro'r Post, Ar y Marc)
  • Jonsi (Eifion Jones) (Weekday afternoons)
  • John Jones (John ac Alun)
  • Rebecca Jones (Weekday early morning show)
  • Rhys Jones (Taro Nodyn)
  • Bethan Lewis (Dau o'r Bae)
  • Geraint Lloyd (Weekday evening show)
  • Dewi Llwyd (Dewi Llwyd ar Fore Sul)

  • Hywel Llewellyn (Post Cyntaf on Friday and Saturday)
  • Brychan Llyr (C2 Monday and Tuesday, Blas)
  • Wil Morgan (Saturday night requests show, travel news)
  • Garry Owen (Post Cyntaf)
  • Gerallt Lloyd Owen (Y Talwrn)
  • Gwilym Owen (Wythnos Gwilym Owen, Manylu)
  • Gerallt Pennant (Galwad Cynnar)
  • Gary Pritchard (Ar y Marc)
  • Richard Rees (Saturday morning show)
  • Alun Roberts (John ac Alun)
  • John Roberts (Bwrw Golwg)
  • Nia Roberts (Nia)
  • Vaughan Roderick (Dau o'r Bae)
  • Eleri Sion (Camp Lawn, weekday mornings)
  • Gary Slaymaker (Bwletîn)
  • Huw Stephens (C2 Monday and Tuesday)
  • Maldwyn Thomas (Dal i Gredu)
  • Nia Thomas (Post Cyntaf)
  • Dei Tomos (Byd Amaeth, Sunday evening show)
  • Iolo Williams (Byd Iolo)
  • Rhodri Ogwen Williams (Blas)
  • Glyn Wise (C2)


Currently, Radio Cymru's regular programming line-up consists of:

Weekdays: daily programmes

  • Rebecca Jones: Early morning show - weekdays, 5-7am
  • Post Cyntaf: Breakfast news - weekdays, 7-8:30am
  • Eleri Sion a Dafydd Du: Morning show - weekdays, 8:30am-10:30am, except in South West Wales
  • Nia: Mid-morning show - weekdays, 10:30am-12:15pm)
  • Taro'r Post: Lunchtime news & phone-in debate - weekdays, 12-1pm
  • Newyddion a Chwaraeon: News and sport - weekdays, 1-1:15pm
  • Jonsi: Afternoon show - weekdays, 2pm-5pm
  • Post Prynhawn: Drivetime news - weekdays, 5pm-6pm
  • Geraint Lloyd: Evening show - weekdays, 6:30pm-8pm
  • C2: Magi Dodd: Evening show - weekdays, 8pm-10pm

Weekdays: other programmes

Other weekday programming includes:

  • Wythnos Gwilym Owen: Current affairs debate - Mondays, 1:15pm-2pm
  • Manylu: Current affairs - Mondays, 6pm-6:30pm
  • C2: Huw Stephens: New music - Mondays and Tuesdays, 10pm-11pm
  • C2: Brychan Llyr: Music, sport, talk - Mondays and Tuesdays, 11pm-1am
  • Blas: Cookery - Wednesdays, 1:15pm-2pm (repeated on Sunday afternoons, 1:15pm)
  • C2: Music features - Wednesdays, 10pm-11pm (repeated on Saturday afternoons, 12pm)
  • Beti a'i Phobol: Talk show - Thursdays, 1:15pm-2pm (repeated on Sunday mornings at 10am)
  • Stiwdio: Arts - Thursdays, 6pm (repeated on Saturday evenings, times vary)
  • C2: Lisa Gwilym: Music - Thursdays and Fridays, 10pm-11pm
  • C2: Ffion Dafis: Music, talk - Thursdays and Fridays, 11pm-1am
  • Dau o'r Bae: Political affairs - Fridays, 1:15pm-2pm
  • Bwlletin: Topical comedy quiz - Fridays, 6pm-6:30pm (repeated on Saturday afternoons at 1pm)


  • Byd Amaeth: Rural affairs - 6am-6:30am
  • Galwad Cynnar: Gardening/nature - 6:30am-8am
  • Ar Y Marc: Sport - 8:30am-9am
  • Cofio: Nostalgia - 9am-10am (repeated on Sunday evenings at 9pm)
  • Richard Rees: Music - 10am-12pm
  • Dafydd Du: Lunchtime show - 12:30pm-2pm
  • Camp Lawn: Sport - Saturday afternoons during the football/rugby season, times vary
  • Wythnos i'w Chofio: Highlights of Radio Cymru programmes - Saturday evenings, times vary (repeated on Sunday afternoons at 12:30pm)
  • Marc Griffiths: Evening show - times vary
  • Wil Morgan: Late night request show - 10pm-1am


  • Taro Nodyn: Classical music - 6am-8am
  • Bwrw Golwg: Religious affairs - 8:05am-8:30am
  • Dewi Llwyd ar Fore Sul: Current affairs/talk - 8:30am-10am
  • Alun Thomas: Mid-morning show - 10:45am-12pm
  • Yr Oedfa: Religious service - 12pm-12:30pm
  • Newyddion a Chwaraeon: News and sport - 1pm-1:15pm
  • Lisa Gwilym: Contemporary music - 2pm-4:20pm
  • Dal i Gredu: Religious comment - 4:20pm-4:30pm
  • Caniadaeth y Cysegr: Reglious hymn singing - 4:30pm-5pm (repeated the next Sunday morning at 5:30am)
  • Dei Tomos: Early evening show - 5:30pm-6:45pm
  • Y Talwrn: Poetry contest - 6:45pm-7:30pm (repeated on Tuesday lunchtimes at 12:15pm)
  • Ar Eich Cais: Evening request show - 7:30pm-9pm
  • John ac Alun: Country music - 10pm-12am
  • C2: Owen Powell: Contemporary music - 12-1am

N.B. Various programmes are broadcast at 5am and 5pm.

BBC Radio 5 Live's Up All Night is simulcast on Radio Cymru after closedown every night. This is except for the week of the National Eisteddfod when the station remains on-air through the night for extra programming and non-stop music. An all-night programme of non-stop music is also broadcast on Christmas Eve. Occasional special broadcasts such as election coverage, schools programming and boxing commentary are also broadcast overnight.

September 2008 relaunch

In July 2008, it was announced that major changes to Radio Cymru's weekday programming line-up would occur. On Monday September 29 2008, Eifion Jonsi Jones will moved from his previous mid-morning timeslot of 8:30am - 10:30am to a new afternoon show from 2 - 5pm. The 8:30am - 10:30am morning show is now presented by sports presenter Eleri Sion and Dafydd Du (previously presenter of the late show on C2). Du left C2 on 19 September 2008 to prepare for the new morning show. He has been replaced on C2's late show by three new presenters - Brychan Llyr (Monday/Tuesday), Daniel Glyn (Wednesday) and Ffion Dafis (Thursday/Friday).

The late morning magazine show, Hwyel a Nia, ended on Friday 26 September 2008 with the departure of Hywel Gwynfryn. Nia Roberts now presents the late morning programme solo from 10:30am - 12pm, under the new title of Nia. The lunchtime news and current affairs phone-in Taro'r Post is broadcast an hour earlier at 12:00pm and followed by an extended news bulletin at 1pm. Various programming is broadcast from 1:15pm to 2pm.

As part of the changes, the Sian Thomas show, the afternoon request show Dylan a Meinir and the opt-out service for South West Wales were axed. Sian Thomas presented her final programme on Friday 19 September 2008, with the final edition of Dylan a Meinir and the last South West opt-outs broadcast on Friday 26 September 2008.

The station's website was also revamped.

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