Washington State Apple Blossom Festival

The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival is a festival held annually in Wenatchee, Washington, self-proclaimed the "Apple Capital of the World" due to the valley's many apple orchards. The Apple Blossom Festival is a two-week festival, running the last weekend in April to the first weekend in May.

The Festival includes a Grand Parade, a youth parade, an arts and crafts festival, A carnival, A food fair, and other amusements.

The Festival is estimated to bring over 100,000 visitors to Wenatchee, a town with a population of 29,022 in the 2004 census.

The Youth Parade

The last weekend in April, the youth parade is run by Diana Vargas. The parade usually includes about 100 different groups, such as middle school bands, elementary schools, and local area businesses catering to youth. Awards are given for the most creative floats, best bands and drill teams, best use of festival theme, and best overall.

The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade is held towards the end of the festivities, during the first weekend of May. During the Grand Parade, High school bands, floats from local clubs, groups and businesses, Cars driving dignitaries and the Royal Court, and many more are run down the main street of town. Spectators have been known to set up folding chairs along the sidewalks of the parade route up to two months in advance in anticipation of the festivities. Awards are given to The best floats, best bands and groups, best use of theme, and many more.

Royal Court

Each year, a Royal Court comprising a Queen and two or more Princesses is chosen from among high school senior women. By the rules of the Apple Blossom festival High School senior women (ages 17-18) volunteer to run in the competition which includes many steps and cuts starting in the previous December. All contestants attend either of the two High Schools located in the Wenatchee Valley (Wenatchee High School and Eastmont High School).

The first step is optional based on the number of interested candidates. If a single school has more than 16 interested women they must perform a preliminary vote to the students to cut the candidates down to 16 or less depending on a decision by the royalty coordinator for each school.

The second step is the High School presentation. The girls are given a topic to speak on before the population of their school. The student body then votes along with a small panel of out of town judges to create the top ten.

After this vote is tallied the top ten is announced in a formal ceremony held at the Wenatchee Performing Arts Center. The rules of the contest state that there must be 5 girls from each school in the top ten.

The top ten candidates then go into a period of approximately two months in which they attend classes on etiquette and public speaking as well as other duties that are important for the Apple Blossom court to attend to. During this period the 10 candidates are given their final speech topic.

The last step is the Royalty pageant, held at Wenatchee High School in early February (usually around valentines day). This pageant includes a question and answer session, their final speeches, and an evening gown presentation. It is judged by a panel of out-of-town judges who perform interviews prior to the pageant to help in their decision. The judges are not told which High School the girls come from (to avoid any conflict of interest). At the pageant the Queen is crowned as well as her princesses (which recently has been limited to 2 but in the 1980s included the entire top ten). There are also other awards given including the most scholastic, most photogenic, best speech, and miss congeniality.

The queen and princesses then reign for one calendar year representing the Wenatchee Valley and the apple industry in regional festivals through the year.

Junior Royalty are selected from among area 5th-graders, based on an essay they submit to the festival.


The Festival was started in 1919 by Mrs. E. Wagner, wife of the district's first apple shipper. The festival was first called "The Blossom Days", and Mrs. Wagner based it on festivals she had enjoyed in New Zealand during her childhood.

Previous Apple Blossom Royalty

1920 Q Fern Prowell Sipes + P Elizabeth Humphries Hamilton + P Beth Boblet Rogers +

1921 Q Florence Kratzer+ P Ruth Williams Johnson+ P Francis Faris+ P Marcu Flanagan Burton P Virginia Bird Ryan+ P Virginia Leedy Lund+

1922 Q Ruth Ella Adams Shively+ P Doris Cedargreen+ P Golda Hamilton+ P Janice Gellatly+ P Blanche Smith Sperline+ P Julia Newell+ P Helen Gauff Harris+ P Ella Newberry+

1923 Q Imogene Carpenter Sigrartsen+ P Nancy Bittick Ogan+ P Bernice Smith+ P Bernice Gellatly Green+ P Bertha Goff Barragan+ P Dorothy Zimmer Richardson+ P Marcella Steinacker+ P Mrs. Jack Tyrell+ P Mrs. N.F. Kerr+ P Latha Parsons Mowbray+

1924 Q Rowena Burns+ P Doris Ovendon Pollock+ P Betty Graham P Zelma Loudenback Batdorf+ P Marjorie Graham

1925 Q Hilma Erickson Disney+ P Bernice Burkhart Dingle P Francis Faris+

1926 Q Pauline Marler Finck+ P Lillian Welch Marler+ P Doris Cedargreen+

1927 Q Beatrice Mcgough Bearg+ P Marjorie Knapton Whiting P Ruby Dull Warren+

1928 Q Leona Watson Bommer P Nadine Stewart+ P Oretha Parkhill McKoin+

1929 Q Rosella Corle Etter+ P Oretha Parkhill McKoin+ P Shirley Foster Congdon

1930 Q Shirley Foster Congdon P Margaret Bird Gwinn P Helen Carol

1931 Q Carol McGough Congdon+ P Ovidia Lindston Blackburn+ P Jean Vermilya Cedargreen+

1932 Q Marjorie Munch Parkhill+ P Nadine Long Bartheau P Jean Vermilya Cedargreen+

1933 Q Lucille Baker Meenach P Vivian Reimer Whiteman+ P Dorothy Sampson Provo+ P Esther Barnes Roth

1934 Q Roberta Hensel Reimer+ P Lois Pfau Adams+ P Mary Jane Sistig +

1935 Q Jean Marlow+ P Isabella Haight Mutch P Mary Rose Berry+

1936 Q Jean Driver Jansen P Gertrude Webb Scroggie P Betty Fray+

1937 Q Janet Foster Conrad P Mary Armstrong Howell P Betty Keller Miller+

1938 Q Lois Joan Strong Deitrick+ P Doris Ames Hubbard+ P Susan Hilt Bryant

1939 Q Lois Ross Davidson P Dorothy Jean Smith P Kathyrn Woods Haley

1940 Q Patricia Clapp Thiele P Virginia Maus Sorley+ P Esther Mann Luehrs

1941 Q Miriam Corner Welty+ P Emma Jane Hansen P Jean Whitemore Ahlers

1942 Q Norabelle Roth Siegel P Mary Jean Stockstill Reich+ P Roberta Huffman Bulleri

1943 Q Shirley Garland Arch P Janet Martin Gadsby P Vivian Martin Elmaleh

1944 Q Clara Lee Davis Lumberg P Virginia Vandewater Bouchard P Barbara Yerxa Gilyard

1945 Q Patricia Lashinger Hauge P Ruthella Welch Skagen P Wilma O'Rear Simon P Mae McLean Hamilton P Shirley Witbeck Moore

1946 Q Elsie Beth Halvorson Maus P De De Hutchinson Stumpf P Jacquie Farrington Letts+

1947 Q Jean Olson Reems P Patricia Sugg Hellner P Lois Banghart Beall

1948 Q Jean Olson Reems P Patricia Sugg Hellner P Lois Banghart Beall

1949 Q Portia Thornton Murray P Carol Dennis Wedekind P Ruth Ann Jones Young

1950 Q Marylyle Cunningham Osborn P Drucilla Brennan Lingle+ P Joanne Brown Michael

1951 Q Lily Jo Hammans Trimble P Barbara Bell Monroe P Odetta Hamilton Molfatt+

1952 Q Virginia Click Cooney+ P Ann Ware Dutton P Jeannette Bommer Rudy+

1953 Q Carolyn Ellis Hamilton P Jean Low Ogsbury P JoAnn Heffner Derting

1954 Q Carol Jessup Peterson P Bev Shadbolt Brandt P Corinne Bellas Telford

1955 Q Sharon Kaye Redlinger Utigard P Judith Emerson P Anna Batterman Pieratt

1956 Q Jolly Ann Sachs Seyster P Trina Hansen Adams P Carol Sutton George

1957 Q Jewel Bergan Brumbaugh P Marilyn Dalvit Ash P Sande Gillette

1958 Q Ann Albertson Deal P Tonee Hansen Gwinn P Kris Whiteman Anderson

1959 Q Beverly McKoin Martin P Mary Stewart Olson P Sally Walker Pugh

1960 Q Peggy Kinney Magnuson P Kris Cedarwall Whoolery P Dae Hansen Duval

1961 Q Kathy Whiteman Chandler P Sharon Coon Lamar P Carmen Snitily Sirmon

1962 Q Polly Kinney Fields P Carolyn Billingsley Ortiz P Susan Looney Wallace

1963 Q Mary Radewan Heinz P Paula Barber P Janet Evans Johnson

1964 Q Lynn Nicholson Elmore P Nancy Conyer O' Halloran P Sheila Hildebrand Clennon

1965 Q Barbara Erickson Hepler P Kathleen Stockstill Waslenko P Amy Radewan Cunningham

1966 Q Patti Parkhill Cartmill P Sharon Wright Rietz P Janice Woods Conchuartt

1967 Q Leta (Patti) Scaman Baker P Joanie Stewart Hicks P Patty Harris Schultz

1968 Q Gail Ross Wenaweser P Rosemary Kells P Kathy Murren Mertes

1969 Q Linda Parkhill Shaughnessy P Kay Goff Law P Susan Mullen

1970 Q Kim Horan Richardson P Jane Drake Cummings P Gail Burgener Foreman

1971 Q Linda Laney Lippincott P Ruth Gilbert Smeltzer P Peggy Shay Waslenko

1972 Q Pam Murray Erickson P Robin Curtis Curtis P Patty Burgener Bisenivs

1973 Q Deloma Ensley Sherwood P Jill Penhallegon Prentice P Cami Duvauchelle Earsley

1974 Q Julie Agens Kuntz P Adele Fischer Haley P Cathy Williams Childers

1975 Q Theresa Adams Ogan P Deborah Sorrentino Kilgren P Kathy MacDonald Tift

1976 Q Jan Randall Crollard P Mary Repass Cozzalio P Maggie Morton

1977 Q Debra Crump P Stacy Boswell Pruss P Julie Gellatly Allison

1978 Q Sandy Sharp Herman P Myra (Susie) Claypool P Cindy Stinson Harum

1979 Q Wendi Wassink Blythe-Clark P Margaret Lankeit King P Sally Godfrey Freed

1980 Q Melissa Coles Bitterman P Anita Hartog Helt P Lisa Bollinger P Wendy Bernier Focht P Jenny Navone Vannier P Nancy White P Kim Reeves Linderman P Beth Endersby Marriott P Dori Thompson P Susan Cross Davey

1981 Q Trina Damish Decamp P Carrie Ogle Gilstrap P Liz Hale P Paula Smith Pierce P Jennifer Cox Poirier P Sue Harper Coe P Shelly Sands P Penny Sand Buffington P Sandy Butterfield Robertson P Robin Loewen

1982 Q Lisa Spargo P Darcy Riddle Armstrong P Laura Robertson Happer P Joannie Harrington Meyer P Ruth Chapton Stumpf P Carrie Key Prater P Sally Sharp Ficke P Shirley Fabian P Mia Honts P Rose Eley Degoede

1983 Q Trina Rank Brauti P Karyn Birmingham Bickford P Laura Davis Fulbright P Becky Shae Guthner P Erin McMonigle George P Kathy Birmingham Williams P Susy Babcock P Jill Boon Duffy P Cassie Reeves Helm P Shelly Sylvester Anderson

1984 Q Marlene Mardian Abraham P Laura Black Doogan P Dana Murray Hilpert P Lisa Linterman Engman P Darcel Recchia Troy P Mindy Piepel Caveth P Dana Defina Malick P Marcy Bird P Christy Duncan Gowing P Errin Seale Richardson

1985 Q Darci Henke Waterman P Mikael Kuske Gavin P Kelly Standerford Waude P Robin Haynes Gahringer P Heidi Thomas Ashraf P Dawn Maloney Schiller P Tamie Keeler Parr P Debby Hambrick P Cami Harris Kesinger P Cindy Lee

1986 Q Coreen Cockrum Tilly P Dana LaFollette Cox P Molly McMongle Akers P Renee Pollock Jaeger P Mandy Sand Bush P Delcie Proffitt Mott P Katie McKee Ashcraft P Mindy Cooksey+ P Lori Harper Hall P Vicki Telford Sherman

1987 Q Candy Cline Gettman P Luann Ewing P Becky Schooler Vanderpool P Kijrstin Freed Stahl P Maria Velazquez Johnston P Cari Brownlee Skands P Kathy Handley Nosek P Julie Creger P Carmen Harris McCrystal P Kristin Kerr Gannon

1988 Q Heather Smith Hansen P Lisa Cooprider P Becky Kearny Darnell$ P Pam Dowell P Katie Newman Velazquez P Mindi Lipp Kronstad P Brooke Murray P Lisa Rank Rice P Julie Defina Hart P Angela Froelich Reese

1989 Q Stephanie Smith Waterman P Renee Riggan Stocks P Heather Carr P Amy Chapman Dilley P Amy Nebel Fernandez P Amy Swalow Kiesz P Rosie Deal White P Laura Worley Bolz P Heidi Farmer Favor P Fona Jeffery

1990 Q Jennifer Williams Devereaux P Jennifer Running Neely P Nicole Davis Brunner P Katie Odenrider Rosman P Anne Rowley Nelson P Kimberly VanHoven Toftness P Amy Atwood Case P Wendy West Jones P Tara Holiday P Jennifer Jakubal Bushong

1991 Q Holly Lane Kert P Faviola Barbosa Contreras P Natalie Avey Dorey P Jill Pollock Thornton P Jennifer Eakin Brockie P Erin Charlton Cass P Shanna Keisz P Harmony Kartchner P Elese Harrison Eagle P Shanna Grant Baird

1992 Q Marcia Turner Murray P Kirsten Ehlis P Kristin Picard Nicholson P April Reid P Nicole Farrell P Kaley O'Kelley

1993 Q Kristie Adamson Milner P Shawnee Effinger P Jennifer Netz P Candida Sherrill P Anna Shaw P Maria Davis

1994 Q Heather Hopkins Ruetschle P Stacie Turner Herrin P Alyson Brinton Calaway

1995 Q Mari Foreman Groff P Tabitha Alexander Peters P Tanya Rodriguez Huber

1996 Q Jill Vanderhoff Sandnes P Allison Lynn Lewis P Sommer Lacy Seitz

1997 Q Stacia Wiggins Cruz P Meaghan Williams Viebbert P Marie Magnotti Scanlon

1998 Q Krista Berschauer Beck P Maria Gonzalez P Alea Pappe Carter

1999 Q Lindsay France P Jenny Smelser Sparks P Brandi DeChenne Darnell

2000 Q Chelsea Waliser P Mary Beth Brewer Wells P Alison Brigleb

2001 Q Rebecca Tinney P Cori Tift P Leanne Burnett

2002 Q Natalie Bird P Bergen White Lee P Amanda Johnson

2003 Q Nicole Hankins P Jodi Howard P Michaela Choman

2004 Q Ashley Armstrong P Katie Hampton P Stephanie Gay

2005 Q Anika Grubbs P Piper Gillin P Pamela Alvarado

2006 Q Jenny Hampton P Julie Rice P Liz Speidel

2007 Q Laura DeCamp P Mikel Stanaway P Courtney Roberts

2008 Q Justine Vanderpool P Nicole Brown P Emily Love

Previous Jr. Apple Blossom Royalty

1994 Q Keisha Fulbright P Amy Bruggman P Alicia James

1995 Q Rachel Cooper P Katrina Griffith P Andrea Johnson

1996 Q Megan Miller P Rebecca Paine P Cathy Britt

1997 Q Courtney Starcevich P Katie Fishbourne P Melissa Isaacson

1998 Q Bethany Taylor P Andee Volkmann P Nicole Asplund

1999 Q Allison Hericks P Erin Kiick P Jamie Goodman

2000 Q Chelsea Komm P Haley Pinkston P Shalee Johnson

2001 Q Justine Vanderpool P Kara Fisher P Lynn Hericks

2002 Q Lisa Jones P Rebecca Higgins P Brittany Drescher

2003 Q Samantha Bennett P Lauren Ferguson P Leanne Thorson

2004 Q Elenore Bastian P Cassidy Fagg P Kristen Stone

2005 Q Cici Stone P Devyn Huylar P Ellen Walker

2006 Q Maggie Chvilicek P Maddy Heit P Rebecca Morris

2007 Q Blair Ellis

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