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Prometheus and Bob

Prometheus and Bob is one of the shorts on the Nickelodeon show KaBlam!. Prometheus is an advanced alien who has come to Earth in an attempt to educate a caveman, Bob. Bob is a particularly slow and idiotic caveman and Prometheus' attempts to educate him usually end in frustration and failure. The other main character, Monkey, sometimes portrayed as being smarter than Bob, is a chimp who is normally looking out for his own entertainment. He often plays a part in sabotaging Prometheus' attempts to teach Bob. The show's creator, writer and animator, Cote Zellers also supplies the voices for the characters.

At the start of every episode, a voice-over explains the show...

What you are about to see is top secret.
It is a videotape recorded 900,000 years ago, by an alien using a remote controlled camera.
It shows his attempts to educate a caveman.
They have been codenamed "The Prometheus and Bob tapes".

The voice-over is presented in the form of a totally serious, secret document. This is followed by a shot of some strange alien writing (similar to crop circles in appearance, possibly referring to the myth that they were made by extraterrestrials), which is translated by the voice-over, which is then the episode name. At the end of every episode the camera goes blank and more alien writing appears, with the translation "End".


A live-action Prometheus and Bob film was announced in 1998 to be directed by Harold Zwart and produced by Amy Heckerling, but apparently fell through due to lack of interest.

Partial List of Episodes

Title Description
Tape #32 Fishing Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to fish. Bob uses the pole as a spear. The Monkey gets in the way, causes Prometheus to trap him in a net from which he escapes, goes into the pond and takes Prometheus and Bob's fishing poles. At this point, Prometheus uses a ray on the pond evaporating all the water. The Monkey in a tree uses a fishing net to catch Bob and Prometheus, although Prometheus tries to warn Bob not to fall for the trick.
Tape #88 Ice Skating Prometheus teaches Bob how to ice skate; Bob tries to do stuff like hang on a tree branch. He is soon bitten by an orca. Bob makes a hole in the ice, and soon, the monkey is another victim of the orca.
Tape #677 Evolution Chamber Prometheus makes Bob able to evolve to a modern-day human, using his Evolution Chamber, so he can be taught easier. Soon, several things evolve and devolve, and that evolutionary insanity involves the following: Prometheus, Bob, a dog, a baseball bat, and the Monkey.
Tape #10 Boxing Prometheus wants to teach Bob boxing, starting out with a dummy. Bob draws a face on the dummy and has tea with it, and then Prometheus makes him use a punching bag. Soon, a big monkey [possibly a relative of the Monkey] comes and fights with Bob over the dummy, but they rip it apart and both start crying.
Tape # 37 Bridge Prometheus cuts down a tree and uses the trunk as a bridge to get over a ditch for Bob, and Bob stays on it, eventually Bob eats a spider, and soon, Prometheus gets on the log and they both end up falling down the ditch.
Tape #28 Trapping Prometheus tries to teach Bob about trapping. He uses a piece of meat for bait. Bob saw the meat and fell in the ditch and eats it. Prometheus tells him that the meat is not for him. As he get the sheet Bob gets the meat again. Frustrated, he falls in the ditch and tries to snatch the meat from Bob. As they were fighting, they heard a Sabertooth tiger roaring which was actually the Monkey himself. Prometheus soons realizes and then, they heard the real tiger roar. A Camera Change later, Prometheus was sleeping. Bob then put a straw hat on Prometheus' head. Then, he drew eyebrows and a mustache on his face. Then, another spaceship came in the sceen. The Alien Leader fell in the ditch while waking up Prometheus. As he was scolding Promethus, the Monkey cames in and saw the two aliens. He gave the meat bait to the Leader and goes in the ditch, followed by Prometheus. And the tiger comes into the Flagship and beats up the Leader.
''Tape# 212 Robot' Prometheus has set up the camera below a beehive in a tree. Bob is eating drops of honey that fall from it and tries climbing to get the hive, but Prometheus stops him for one simple reason: Prometheus has brought a Robot with himself (he possibly could have built it earlier, as there is a table with metal parts and a toolbox near the filming area), he turns it online and commands it to bring the honey to Bob. Being obedient, it gives Bob some, and for exchange, he hugs it, breaking its legs off, they then walk off-camera. Later, Prometheus has fixed the Robot, and Bob wants more honey, Prometheus turns the Robot on, but it refuses to get more. Prometheus tries to repair it, but is electrocuted (Possibly because he left it on, by mistake). And collapses. The Robot has gone sentient, and scares Bob (who is KO'd on a tree branch). The Robot has now taken the remote control for the camera from Prometheus' belt. The Monkey is now riding the Robot's previous legs that were broken off earlier, and does a back flip off them. The legs now crash into the Robot, but they walk off anyway. The Robot now turns the camera off. Later, after Prometheus and Bob have regained consciousness, and have been tied up by the Robot, who has built another Robot (who appears similar to Bob), The Monkey passes by and The Robot convinces Robo-Bob to destroy him first. (However, as a result of inferior AI, his legs have turned the wrong way and he backs into a tree, knocking his head off). Later, Bob has fallen asleep, and The Robot begins to fix Robot-bob, the monkey sneaks behind him on a rope, dangling from the tree, and has the Beehive attached to a stick, he then sticks inside the Robot's body, filling it with bees and Short Circuits as a result. The Monkey then knocks the Robot into Robo-Bob, grounding the metal men for good. The Monkey then wakes Bob up, but the Robot's legs are still walking, they then bump Prometheus and walk into the camera, knocking it offline. "END"
Tape #205 Laundry Prometheus tries to show Bob how to do laundry in a hot spring but ends up resting in it. The alien leader comes in his spaceship, which forces Prometheus to hide. Prometheus uses Bob's drink straw to breath underwater when the Leader comes. Bob says "Hey, heh hey" and points at Prometheus's straw. The leader pulls out the straw, causing Prometheus to come up obviously because he thought Bob pulled it out as a signal that the Leader was gone. Prometheus looks up, gasps, then the Leader stars to have a row with him incoherently. Monkey shows up wearing Prometheus's shirt with the towel Prometheus used to show Bob how to clean with, rolls it up and hits the Leader square on the backside with it. Bob laughs, and Monkey continues to hit Leader with the towel. Leader gets frustrated, climbs up into his UFO, and flies away. About two seconds later, Leader comes up in his UFO and zaps all the water in the hot spring dry, leaving Prometheus mad and he chucks the remote at the camera. "END".
Tape #17 Wheel Prometheus introduces Bob to the wheel, with varying results. As Prometheus shows Bob that the wheel can roll, Bob decides that it can fly, too. As Bob throws the wheel, Monkey catches it in his mouth. The next scene sees a tug-of-war between Prometheus and Bob, with the wheel flying up in the air, and through the windshield of Prometheus's spacecraft. Prometheus is seen standing in the craft, tossing items to Monkey, which Monkey uses to make a unicycle. Bob has learned that round objects roll. The space craft is a round object. Bob discovers it rolls, too. It rolls offscreen, with Prometheus and Bob chasing, Monkey watching. Then Prometheus and Bob run from left to right across screen, followed by Monkey, followed by the craft, which then turns toward the camera, and knocks it out.
Tape # 86 Toilet Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to use a toilet. At first, Monkey is bathing on it; Prometheus promptly chases him off, and shows the toilet to Bob before leaving the room. Bob then eats the soap Monkey was using and gets a plunger stuck to his stomach. He starts to flip the handle, but soon smacks himself in the face with it. Later, Prometheus demonstrates the seat to Bob, who rips it off and wears it as a hat, trying to scare Prometheus by flapping it up and down. Next, Prometheus shows Bob how to flush and use toilet paper. While the two are distracted, Monkey runs off with the toilet paper. When Prometheus notices, Bob takes the remote for the camera and flushes it. Monkey then staggers in, with the toilet paper draped on him like a mummy. Bob is scared, kicks the toilet over, and flees the room, locking the bathroom door behind him. Monkey escapes through the window, leaving Prometheus trapped in the flooding bathroom. The camera then shorts out.
Tape #97 Construction Prometheus teaches Bob the art of construction. He first demonstrates how to lay bricks, but as soon as he lays the mortar, Bob eats it, leaving Prometheus briefly confused when he pushes the bricks over to demonstrate the adhesive properties of the mortar. Next, Prometheus tries to get Bob to place a brick onto the growing stack of them, but Monkey sneaks behind the stack and promptly starts a puppet show with a wrench and a hammer. When Prometheus confronts him, Monkey clips the wrench to his face. Bob is highly amused. A camera change later, Prometheus is alone and annoyed, as Monkey gives Bob a ride in a wheelbarrow. A frustrated Prometheus attempts to stop the shenanigans by placing a cinder block in their path. Monkey runs right into it, launching Bob on top of Prometheus. The next camera change shows Prometheus spreading mortar onto the stack of bricks and telling Bob to put the brick he's holding on top of the mortar. Bob instead put it in the center of the stack. Prometheus tries to protest, but Monkey runs him over with the wheelbarrow. Bob then starts stacking bricks one after the other. Monkey finally stops in front of the stack. Prometheus stares aghast at the tower of blocks, which promptly collapses on top of him. One final shift later shows a bandaged Prometheus sitting on a rock while Bob is amused by another puppet show involving a hammer and the mortar spreader. An annoyed Prometheus ends this tape.
Tape #336 Arctic Prometheus teaches Bob survival techniques in the Arctic. He first shows Bob how to build an igloo, but Bob is distracted by Monkey, who breaks off and icicle from Prometheus's ship and starts to lick it. Bob then tries to lick the ship, but gets his tongue stuck. He tries to pull free, but instead knocks the ship over. Camera change, and Prometheus is jacking his ship up to normal level. He pours a cup of hot water on Bob's tongue, freeing him. He then motions for Bob to fetch him the broken stand for the ship. Bob grabs it and promptly gets his tongue stuck to that as well. Prometheus fetches another cup of water from Monkey in the igloo, but it's empty. Prometheus dives into the igloo, chasing after Monkey, who pops up on the other side. Prometheus soon emerges, and Monkey hits him with a snowball, knocking his fur hat off. Camera change, and Bob and Monkey are pelting Prometheus with snowballs. Prometheus retreats to the igloo, and a roar is heard offscreen. Bob throws a snowball at it, and an angry polar bear chases Monkey into the igloo. Both he and Prometheus promptly flee the igloo. Camera change, and Prometheus is showing Bob how to close the door to a cage he has stationed at the front of the igloo to trap the bear. Monkey enters and acts as bait, and the bear chases him. Bob is too scared to close his end of the cage, and the polar bear chases Monkey into the ship. The ship promptly takes off and crashes into the igloo. A stray block of ice knocks the camera out.
Tape #17 Art Prometheus teaches Bob how to paint. He starts by painting a crude dog on a giant canvas, which Bob promptly tries to beat up. Camera change, and Bob is standing in front of a fresh canvas. Monkey enters and drinks some of the paint. Bob grabs him, and Monkey vomits the paint onto the canvas. Another camera change, and Bob is wildly painting on another canvas. A swing of his left arm knocks Prometheus out; scared, Bob grabs the remote and changes the camera yet again. Now, Monkey is trying to revive Prometheus. He motions to Bob, who grabs some paint and hands it to Monkey. He pours it on Prometheus's head, which promptly wakes him up. ANOTHER camera change later, and an angry Prometheus dumps paint on Bob's head. Bob then slams his head on the canvas, making a paint impression of his face. Monkey turns the camera slightly to the right to show a rather nice painting of the three, and he motions toward it, suggesting that he painted it. Prometheus turns the camera back to its original position, only to have Bob throw a glob of paint at it and knock it out.
Tape #63 Farming Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to plant crops with a super growth formula. Bob creates a giant Venus Fly Trap.
Tape #404 Softball Prometheus teaches Bob how to play softball. He first demonstrates how to hit the ball by having a robot pitch the ball and hitting it. He then gives Bob the bat. The ball flies right past Bob, who gets angry and beats up the robot. Camera change, and Bob is trying again. This time, Bob hits it, but he throws the bat in the process. It crashes into Prometheus's ship offscreen, and the alarm starts going off. The robot runs off toward the ship, and Monkey comes in and steals first base... literally. Bob chases after him, and the robot runs back into the camera's view and stalls. Prometheus changes the camera, and now Prometheus is pitching the ball to the robot (after Bob thinks he's demonstrating how to spit). The robot hits the ball and starts running around the diamond. Prometheus urges Bob to grab the ball, but Bob winds up knocking heads with Prometheus. The robot then barges between the two, knocking them out. The robot gets confused, and Monkey initiates a conversation of sorts with it. Monkey then grabs the remote from unconscious Prometheus and changes the camera. At this point, Prometheus has given up and is clutching his aching head as Bob watches a game of catch between Monkey and the robot. Bob starts motioning towards himself, and Robot throws the ball to him. Bob throws it back to the robot, albeit a bit too hard; it hits the robot's head, knocking it off. Prometheus has had enough and chucks the ball at the camera, knocking it out.
Tape #46 Milking Prometheus tries to teach Bob to milk what looks more like a yak than a cow. Bob understands the concept of milking the cow, but does not drink it. Monkey, dressed in Prometheus's farmer hat, creates his usual mischief by grabbing the cows tail and rubbing it on Bob's head while Bob milks the cow. Prometheus yells at monkey, monkey rubs tail on Bob's head again, Bob gets angry and accidentally falls over backwards and starts to yell. *Tape Pauses*. Bob is once again milking the cow. Monkey (still wearing Prometheus's ten gallon hat) sits on the cows back. The cow bucks its hind legs, hitting Prometheus in the head and knocking him out, and runs away. Prometheus wakes up and Pauses the tape, sighing. He unpauses it and the cow, Bob, and Monkey are no where to be seen. Then a huge herd of cows similar to the first one stampede by, breaking the "wind shield" on Prometheus's UFO, causing the alarm to go off (this alarm goes off in a lot of episodes) in the usual "woop woop woop" and Promethues stops the tape, rolling the "END" portion.
Tape #8 Furniture Prometheus tries to teach bob to sit in a chair.First of all,he showed Bob how to sit on a chair,and Bob wouldn't.Camera Change.Prometheus then gets mad,shoves Bob onto the chair,and ends up breaking the chair.Camera Change.Prometheus tries to get Bob to sit on a sofa.He then freezes him,props him up on the couch,and unfreezes him.Then,monkey uses a flashlight,and starts to shine the light on a wall.Bob has no idea where the light is coming from.Camera Change.Bob then hits at the light.Then,he gets mad,hits a wall,and the whole building collapses.Then,Prometheus throws a rock at the camera."END".

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During the night on NickToons Network,occasionaly,Prometheus & Bob airs.It only airs a few of the episodes.The ones it airs are as follows:

  1. 37 Bridge
  2. 88 Ice Skating
  3. 17 Wheel
  4. 42 Canoe
  5. 32 Fishing

Those are the only episodes it plays at night around 11:00p.m.Also,the episode "Dating" was once aired during Shorts In A Bunch.


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