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Georgia Board of Regents

The Georgia Board of Regents oversees the University System of Georgia as part of the state government of Georgia in the United States. The University System of Georgia is composed of all state public institutions of higher education.


The Board was organized on January 1, 1932, to create centralized control over all member institutions.

Governing authority

The Board oversees 35 schools: four research universities, two regional universities, 13 state universities, seven state colleges, and nine two-year colleges. In fiscal 2003, there were 10,626 faculty positions and 241,878 students. Those numbers grew to 35,000 and 253,000, respectively, in 2006.

Funding of all member institutions is controlled by the Board. In fiscal year 2003, the Board dispensed $1,697,287,628 of funding, authorized by the Georgia General Assembly. In 2006, the budget grew to $5 billion.


On September 13, 2006, Erroll B. Davis, Jr. became the 11th Chancellor of the Board of Regents. Davis stepped down as the chairman of Alliant Energy Corporation to accept the chancellorship. He previously served as CEO and president of that company as well. Previous chancellors include Charles Melton Snelling, Steadman Vincent Sanford and Harmon White Caldwell.


The Board has been criticized in the past on several points, such as shortchanging smaller schools, ignoring opinions of faculty and students, forcing almost all schools to change name in 1996, and for forcing the system from quarters to semesters in 1998.

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