List of minor Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American franchise which spans several media and genres. It began in 1992 with the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, written by Joss Whedon and directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui, and was resurrected as a television series in 1997. The show's popularity caused it to spawn a multitude of Expanded Universe tie-in material such as comic books, novels, and video games, as well as a spin-off program entitled Angel. In 2007, four years after the television series' seventh and final season, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was officially continued in the comic book Season Eight. The following is a list of minor recurring characters who appear in the franchise.



Amanda is a Potential Slayer who appears in the seventh season, played by Sarah Hagan. A Sunnydale High student and member of the swing choir, she first appears in the episode "Help" as part of the seemingly-random stream of students showing up at Buffy's guidance office. Amanda was sent to Buffy for beating up another student who was picking on her. In the later episode "Potential," it is revealed that Amanda is in fact a Potential Slayer, and she aptly slays a vampire who threatens her and Dawn. Afterwards, Amanda moves into the Summers' residence, where she trains and becomes friends with her fellow Potentials. In the final episode of the show, "Chosen," Amanda is activated as a Slayer along with the other Potentials and battles against an army of Turok-Han vampires. She is last seen falling to the ground dead after her neck was snapped by a Turok-Han.


Anne (also known as "Sister Sunshine", "Chanterelle" and "Lily") is a recurring character initially appearing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later crossing over into Angel, portrayed by Julia Lee. Initially known as "Chanterelle", she first appears in the Buffy Season Two episode "Lie to Me" as a member of the Sunset Club, a naive cult that worships vampires. Chanterelle discovers the true nature of vampires when the club is raided by Spike's bloodthirsty gang, and her life is saved by Buffy Summers. The character reappears in the third season episode "Anne", now named "Lily" and in love with a boy called Rickie. Buffy is working as a waitress at a diner under her middle name, "Anne", after running away to Los Angeles. Lily explains to Buffy that she always changes her identity and persona as she moves from place to place. When Rickie is killed by a group of demons, Buffy and Lily are taken to a hell dimension where humans are worked as slaves. Lily helps Buffy defeat the demons, and afterwards Buffy decides to go home, leaving her job, apartment, and identity as "Anne" to Lily.

She is not seen again until Season Two of Angel, where she will become a recurring character by the name of Anne Steele.

Anointed One

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Ben appears in season five, played by Charlie Weber. A handsome junior physician, he meets and befriends Buffy at the Sunnydale hospital during her mother's illness, and unsuccessfully attempts to romance her. Unbeknownst to Buffy, Ben is merely the mortal prison for deposed hell goddess Glorificus, who has learned to free herself from Ben for periods of time, in order to search for the Key, before transforming back into Ben (a spell prevents any human witnessing or hearing of this transformation to remember it). Until his personality begins to merge with Glory's in the season's final episodes, he is presented as an essentially decent and compassionate person, protecting Dawn Summers from Glory when he learns that Dawn is the "key". In early episodes Ben appears as a new potential love interest for Buffy, but in a show of personal resolve, and in accord with the writers' decision that her sister Dawn would be her main "love interest" in Season five, Buffy decides to focus on her family issues and not pursue him. As Glory spends more time in control of their shared body, Ben's life starts to fall apart; he is dismissed from his job at Sunnydale Hospital because of increased time (as Glory) spent away from work. In the season's climax, as their personalities begin to merge, Ben agrees, out of self-preservation, to help Glory kill Dawn. When Glory is beaten, she transforms to Ben one final time, only to be smothered to death by Giles who considers Ben for the most part an innocent, but is determined to prevent him from ever returning as Glory to exact revenge on Buffy.


The Buffybot appears in the fifth and sixth seasons. It is an identical robot replica of the real Buffy Summers, and as such is also played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Though a perfect physical likeness of Buffy, the Buffybot's mannerisms and speech patterns are stilted and imperfect by human standards. It also lacks understanding of nuance and tact, and can be disconcertingly blunt in conversation.

The Buffybot first appears in the episode "Intervention," having been created by Warren Mears as a sex toy for the vampire Spike, who is obsessed with Buffy. Therefore, the Buffybot is initially programmed to be in love with Spike and do anything to please him. Buffy's friends mistake the robot for her, and Buffy later poses as the Buffybot to find out whether Spike betrayed her and Dawn to the hellgod Glory, presenting him with a kiss when she discovers the lengths he went to protect them. In the fifth-season finale, "The Gift," Xander and Anya find the deactivated Buffybot in the basement of The Magic Box. The group decide to use it to make the first strike and distract Glory from the real Buffy. After a few minutes of battle, the Bot is decapitated by Glory and the real Buffy then reveals herself.

In the first two episodes of the sixth season, following Buffy's death, the Buffybot is used for patrolling to ensure the underworld does not discover the Slayer's death; if demons think Buffy is alive, they are less likely to strike, out of fear. Its impersonation also ensures that Dawn, lacking a legal guardian in Sunnydale with both Buffy and their mother dead, can stay in town with the Scooby Gang and allows the group to live and operate out of the Summers home. Unfortunately, one vampire discovers the secret when fighting with it and brings a demon biker gang to Sunnydale to tear the place apart. The demons destroy the Buffybot by tearing it limb from limb, pulling it apart with motorcycles. Before "dying," the Buffybot reveals to Dawn that the real Buffy has returned from the dead. Buffybot has not since been repaired.



Caridad, played by Dania Ramirez, is a Potential Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in season seven. First seen in the episode "Dirty Girls," she plays a small role in the final episodes of the seventh season. In "Touched," she aids Giles and Kennedy in luring out and capturing a Bringer, and then later follows Faith alongside numerous Potentials to an underground arsenal of the First. She is then seen in the following episode "End of Days," at first helping those wounded from the bomb blast escape the sewers and then later at the Summers residence, helping heal the wounded and briefly quizzing Buffy on whether her return to the fold is permanent.

Cassie Newton

Cassie Newton is a Sunnydale High student who appears in the seventh season, played by Azura Skye. Cassie appears in the episode "Help" as a young girl who comes to Buffy's guidance office and predicts her own death on the next Friday. Buffy saves her from a group of boys who try to kill her in order to raise a demon, and from a lethal booby trap. It seems fate has been cheated, but immediately afterward Cassie dies of a heart attack caused by a family condition of which she had been kept unaware, fulfilling her own prophecy. She does, however, leave several prophecies relating to the final episode; telling Spike "She'll tell you, someday she'll tell you" (in reference to Buffy later telling Spike she loves him), and telling Buffy she will make a difference (implying that she will win in the final battle against The First).

Later, Cassie's spirit apparently appears to Willow in "Conversations with Dead People" and tells her that she has a message from Tara: that she must commit suicide to avoid killing all her friends. When Willow realizes that this "girl" is not who she says she is, "Cassie" reveals herself to be the First Evil and tells Willow that "she" is going for a big finish, before disappearing.

Cassie's name is a reference to Cassandra, the Trojan prophetess who was cursed so that her predictions would never be believed.

Catherine Madison

Catherine Madison is the mother of Amy and a witch who appears in the first season, played by Robin Riker. She is revealed as the witch casting spells against cheerleaders in an effort to secure a spot on the team during the episode "Witch". After trading bodies with her daughter, she sets one cheerleader's hands on fire, blinds Cordelia, removes another's mouth, and casts a bloodstone vengeance spell on Buffy, with the intent to kill her. After all her spells are broken by Giles, a spell she attempts to cast against Buffy rebounds upon her in a mirror, unknowingly trapping her in a cheerleading statue from her own high school days (when she reigned as Catherine the Great).

In the fourth part of the Season Eight arc, "The Long Way Home", when Buffy and Satsu break into the military complex to rescue Willow, they have a confrontation with Amy. During this fight, Willow uses her magic to remotely change Buffy's form into that of Catherine's, causing Amy to freeze up and giving Satsu a chance to throw a grenade at her. These events show that, even though over eight years have passed, and even though Amy has become evil and incredibly powerful, she is still afraid of her mother.


Chao-Ahn, played by Kristy Wu, is a Potential Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in the seventh season. Speaking only Cantonese, she first appears in the episode "First Date". Most of her subtitled lines serve as comic relief along with the attempts of Giles to communicate with her using crudely drawn, and frightening, pictures. Chao-Ahn often mistakes Giles' attempts at communication as threats to her personally. She is seen on the school bus escaping the destruction of Sunnydale at the end of the series, having survived the battle against the Turok-Han.

Chao-Ahn is mistakenly mentioned in the non-canon novel Queen of the Slayers as having died in the battle.

Cheese Man

The Cheese Man is an oracular figure appearing in the dreams of Xander, Willow, Giles and Buffy in the final episode of Season Four, "Restless", and very briefly in the nightmare of Andrew and Jonathan in the Season Seven episode "Storyteller". He talks about, displays, shakes and even wears slices of American cheese, saying at one point, "I wear the cheese; it does not wear me." The Cheese Man was played by David Wells.


Chloe is a Potential Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in season seven, and is played by Lalaine. Introduced in the episode "Showtime," Chloe seems reluctant to engage in her newfound responsibilities, and by her next and final appearance in "Get It Done," it is clear that Chloe is not cut out for life as a Slayer. Chloe was absent from the episode "Potential" because she went with Giles to get Chao-Ahn in Shanghai. The First manifests in her room and convinces her to hang herself. Buffy buries Chloe's body next to that of the recently deceased Annabelle. Chloe's suicide is a major catalyst in Buffy's choice to take drastic action, culminating in her meeting with the men who created the first Slayer. It is mentioned that Chloe loved Winnie-the-Pooh after the First assumed her form and said "T.T.F.N." ('ta-ta for now'), a signature phrase of the Disney version of Tigger.


Clem (full name Clement) is a relatively benign demon who appears in the sixth and seven seasons, played by James Charles Leary. Clem has large, floppy ears, loose skin, and a friendly disposition, despite being a demon who eats kittens. His caucasian coloration allows him to occasionally pass as a human with a "skin condition." He is introduced in the episode "Life Serial," as a player in game of poker where live kittens are the stakes; he is seen cheating by hiding cards in his forearms' skin folds. He reappears in the episodes "Older and Far Away," in which Spike invites him to Buffy's birthday party, and "Hell's Bells," in which he attends the wedding of Xander and Anya. Later in the season, he befriends Dawn while looking after her in Spike's absence. The following season, Clem meets Buffy in a demon bar and they greet one another very affectionately. Clem has the ability to project snake-like appendages; he did this trick, frightening Potential Slayers in the episode "Potential," but it was shown onscreen only from the back of his head. In the episode "Empty Places," Clem joins the rest of the Sunnydale population in fleeing the town as the apocalypse nears; his current whereabouts are unknown.



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Deputy Mayor Allan Finch

Allan Finch was the Deputy Mayor of Sunnydale in season three, and was played by Jack Plotnick. He is assistant to the villainous Mayor Richard Wilkins, and behaves nervously around his demonic boss. In the episode "Bad Girls," Allan admits that he likes reading the comic strip Cathy. He is later killed by Faith, who mistakes him for a vampire. Although Faith tries to dismiss the accident because Allan was involved in criminal activities, Buffy points out that he may have been coming to warn them about the Mayor's plan. Allan's death sparks a police investigation and causes Faith to betray Buffy and the Scooby Gang.

Detective Stein

Detective Stein is a member of the Sunnydale police force, and is played by James G. MacDonald. He is first seen in the episode "Ted", in which he is in charge of the investigation of the death of Ted Buchanan, who apparently died after Buffy kicked him down the stairs in her home. He next appears in the episode "Becoming, Part Two" investigating Kendra's death. His final appearance is in the season three episode "Consequences" in which he questions Buffy and Faith about the death of Deputy Mayor Allan Finch.

Devon MacLeish

Devon MacLeish is a student at Sunnydale High, lead singer of the band Dingoes Ate My Baby, and a friend of Oz. He appears in the second, third, and fourth seasons, and is played by Jason Hall. Despite appearing in several episodes, he never features very prominently. His lines are generally comic relief as he plays comedian to Oz's straight-man on subjects such as girls and bands who can play more than three chords. Devon has also dated cheerleaders Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall, albeit briefly. After Oz's departure in the fourth season, the Dingoes, including Devon, are not seen again.


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Dr. Gregory

Dr. Gregory is a biology/chemistry teacher at Sunnydale High School during the first season, played by William Monaghan. He is first seen in the episode "Witch" leading the bio/chem class when Buffy, Willow and Xander are brewing the witch revealing potion. In the next episode, "Teacher's Pet" he is eaten by the She-Mantis after a chat with Buffy in which he expresses his faith in her ability to excel. His headless body is found in the cafeteria's cooler by Cordelia.


Dracula makes his first and only series-appearance in the episode "Buffy vs. Dracula". He is played by Rudolf Martin. Rudolf previously worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar on "All My Children" playing a character named Anton. Dracula admits to Buffy that he is intrigued and charmed by her legacy as she is of him. He also clarifies the origin of her powers, regardless of his attempt to lure her to evil. Buffy, having "seen his movies", waits after first killing him, noting that he "always comes back". He reappears in the canon post-finale comics Tales of the Vampires: Antique, and later the Season Eight story "Wolves at the Gate" (both written by Drew Goddard.) Outside of canon, Dracula appears in Spike vs. Dracula, which reveals that Dracula has connections to the gypsy clan that cursed Angel with a soul. As established by his appearance in "Buffy vs. Dracula", he is an acquaintance of Anya Jenkins and Spike, who claims he is a sell-out of the vampire world, fond of magic and Hollywood (and that Dracula owes him eleven pounds).

Dracula has special abilities (almost all of which are derived straight out of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula), which are described by Spike as "showy gypsy stuff". These abilities include transforming into a cloud of fog and animals, wolves and bats in particular, and the ability to control minds (put someone under his "thrall"), as he does to Xander in "Buffy vs. Dracula".

Based on Tales of the Vampires: Antique, Xander spent time with Dracula as his manservant, during which time Xander taught him to ride a motorcycle. During "Wolves at the Gate," Dracula defends Xander after Renee's death and gives him his sword to finish off Toru, the vampire that killed her. However, it was also during "Wolves at the Gate" that Dracula loses his special abilities, and at the same time his power over Xander.


First Slayer

The First Slayer (referred to in 4.21 "Primeval" as Sineya, the First of the Ones) was the first in the line of Slayers, played by Sharon Ferguson. She first appears in the season four finale "Restless," where she attacks Willow, Xander, and Giles in their respective dreams before attempting to kill Buffy in the same fashion after she refuses to leave her friends for dead. The First Slayer ultimately fails when Buffy manages to wake up from her sleep, thus pulling herself and her friends out of the First Slayer's nightmare. Giles reveals that the First Slayer never had a Watcher, and attributes her appearance to the enjoining spell they cast with Buffy in "Primeval," claiming that invoking the essence of the Slayer's power was an affront to the source of that power. In the script she is referred to as the Primitive. A spirit in the form of the First Slayer appears again the next season, when Buffy goes on a vision quest to learn more about her power in "Intervention". The spirit tells her that death is her gift, a message Buffy is reluctant to believe, but one which is ultimately proven when she sacrifices herself in the season finale "The Gift". In the season seven episode "Get It Done", the origin of the First Slayer is explained. She was created by a group of shamans thousands of years ago. They mystically implanted a captive girl with the essence of a demon. It is suggested that this demonic energy originates from the same source that gives power to the vampires. She had great strength, stamina and a predatorial instinct, but she also lost her humanity.

The First Slayer appears in the graphic novel, Tales of the Slayers, in which she is asked to leave a village she defended from a vampire. The villagers feared her even more than other demons. She also cameos in the comic mini-series Fray #3, when a Slayer in the future is told the origins of her power, and in the Buffy Season Eight storyline "The Long Way Home" as an image of Buffy's dreamscape. In the novel Queen of the Slayers, the First Slayer is referred to as Senaya.

Forrest Gates

Forrest Gates is a friend of Riley Finn and member of the Initiative who appears in season four, played by Leonard Roberts. Like his teammates Riley and Graham, Forrest leads a double life, balancing his military service with his cover as a student at UC Sunnydale. Initially, he likes Buffy and encourages Riley to pursue a relationship with her. As events proceed and Buffy becomes an enemy of the Initiative, Forrest begins to vocally disapprove of Buffy, and Riley's relationship with her. Forrest is killed by Adam, but is then artificially reanimated with body parts from various demons and technological components. This "new" Forrest tries to assist Adam in defeating Buffy, and assaults her when she and her friends attack the Initiative complex. He is instead forced to face his old friend Riley in combat. Although he is clearly more than a physical match for Riley, he is killed after lifting a flammable canister over his head when it catches a livewire and it explodes.


General Voll

General Voll is the general of an American army. He only appears in "The Long Way Home" story arc of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, the television series' official continuation. Voll investigates the ruins of Sunnydale before later soliciting Warren Mears and Amy Madison to kill Buffy. After capturing Willow Rosenberg and confronting Buffy in the ensuing melee, he mentions that he is part of the group called "Twilight", which views the Slayers as a threat to humanity. General Voll's current status and wereabouts are unknown.

Genevieve Savidge

Lady Genevieve Savidge is a British socialite Slayer who appears in the "No Future for You" story arc of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, the television series' official continuation. She is introduced by writer Brian K. Vaughan. She is targeted for assassination by Giles due to her plans to usurp Buffy's place in the Slayer hierarchy and, ultimately, end the world. He sends Faith to kill her. She is guided by an Irish warlock called Roden, who serves Twilight. With Roden, she hunts and kills other Slayers as part of his "training" of her. However, she and Faith find they share a lot in common; both as Slayers and as troubled young women enticed by evil, despite their drastically different backgrounds (upper class British and working class South Boston). Discovering Faith's treachery and tenuous affiliation with Buffy, she distraughtly fights Faith to the death, and is accidentally killed by an axe. At the same time, Giles kills Roden and puts an end to their plans.

Graham Miller

Graham Miller is a friend of Riley Finn and member of the Initiative who appears in seasons four and five. He is played by Bailey Chase. Like his teammates Riley and Forrest, Graham leads a double life, balancing his military service with his cover as a student at UC Sunnydale. Whereas Forrest is a rather brash person, Graham is more calm and collected. Graham survives the final battle in the Initiative complex and later testifies in Riley's favor during the inquiry. In the fifth season, Graham helps Riley to get medical attention to correct the procedures that the Initiative conducted on him. Graham later asks Major Ellis to pursue Riley to leave Sunnydale and rejoin the army, as part of a new squad of demon-hunters, alongside himself and others.



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Hank Summers

Hank Summers is the father of Buffy and the ex-husband of Joyce Summers. He is played by Dean Butler. He first appears in the episode "Nightmares", in which Buffy worries that he will not show up for their father/daughter weekend. In the season two opener "When She Was Bad", Hank admits to Joyce that Buffy was distant with him during their summer together. In season three, Hank is supposed to take Buffy to an ice show for her eighteenth birthday, but cancels at the last minute. In later seasons, Hank's character is developed further offscreen into the archetype of an upper-class deadbeat dad. Despite relative wealth and prosperity, Hank can not be relied on to keep his promises nor will he play the role of the father. When Buffy last heard from Hank, he had moved to Spain with his secretary, but she is unable to contact him when her mother dies in season five. Dawn indicates in "Bargaining" that she has spoken with her father at some point over the summer between seasons five and six, but she and the others are hiding Buffy's death from him. Hank's final onscreen appearance is in the episode "Normal Again", set in an alternate reality where the events of the show are simply Buffy's hallucinations. Hank appears in the comic book stories Viva Las Buffy, Slayer, Interrupted and A Stake to the Heart, which flesh events prior to the show, including Joyce and Hank's divorce and the effect it has on Buffy and Dawn. Hank also makes appearances in the novels Power of Persuasion and How I Spent My Summer Vacation.


Janice Penshaw

Janice Penshaw is Dawn's best friend and is portrayed by Amber Tamblyn. She is mentioned throughout Season 6, though she only appears in the episode "All the Way" (the Halloween episode). During her only on-screen appearance, she and Dawn claim to be spending the night at each other's houses while they sneak out to walk the streets with a couple of boys, who turn out to be vampires. During the night, Dawn gets her first kiss from one of the vampires and Janice is bitten by the other, but rescued by Giles. Dawn is later rescued from a vampire gang by Buffy, Giles, and also Spike, who is personally offended by the vampires hunting on Halloween.

Jesse McNally

Jesse McNally is a Sunnydale High student, played by Eric Balfour. In "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Jesse is seen as a close friend of Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, and a "potential friend" of Buffy Summers. During "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest", Jesse is captured by Darla and Luke, sired, and used as bait to lure Buffy to her death. He is eventually accidentally killed in "The Harvest" by Xander.

While Jesse's sire is unknown, it can reasonably be assumed to be Darla, as she had already bitten him in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and The Master showed distaste at eating her "scraps".

Joss Whedon states in the "Welcome to the Hellmouth" DVD commentary that he had always wanted to kill a character listed as a regular in one of their first appearances as such, and that he had considered listing Eric Balfour in the two-part pilot as a regular, only to surprise the audience by killing him off, but financial restrictions didn't allow for this. Whedon would eventually get his wish with Tara Maclay in the Season Six episode "Seeing Red."


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Kathy Newman

Kathy Newman (played by Dagney Kerr) appears in the first two episodes of Season Four: "The Freshman" and "Living Conditions". She is Buffy's first roommate in the dormitory at UC Sunnydale. She is portrayed as an overly-eager and annoyingly cheery teenage girl, who wanted "a stable non-smoker" for a roommate.

Kathy and Buffy soon begin to have serious disagreements. Kathy plays Cher's "Believe" on repeat loop, obsessively labels all her property including the eggs in the fridge, and is more of a neat freak than Buffy can handle. Buffy begins to act uncharacteristically hostile towards Kathy, and at first her friends believe it is simply due to Buffy's upbringing as an only child. Later it is revealed that Kathy is in fact a demon who had fled her own dimension to go to college. Her clan was about to locate her, so she performed a series of spells to mask her presence from them – spells that temporarily removed Buffy's soul. In the end, Giles reverses the spell and Kathy is transported back to her demon dimension. Willow, who has gone through her own roommate problems, moves in with Buffy afterwards.

Katrina Silber

Katrina Silber is the sometimes-girlfriend of Warren Mears who appears in the fifth and sixth seasons, and is played by Amelinda Embry. She is introduced the episode "I Was Made to Love You", in which she is horrified to discover that Warren had previously built a robotic version of what he considered to be the perfect girlfriend, called April. When the jealous April tries to kill her, Katrina is disgusted and breaks up with Warren. She reappears in the next season when Warren turns her into his sex slave using a mind control device. However, the effects are short-lived and when Katrina returns to normal she accuses Warren of rape and threatens to report his activities to the police. In the ensuing fight, Warren accidentally kills her while trying to stop her from leaving. He later uses magic to make Buffy believe that she has accidentally killed Katrina while fighting demons. The plan almost works, but when Buffy hears Katrina's name she remembers the events of "I was Made to Love You" and guesses that Warren is responsible. Katrina's last appearance is as a spirit, conjured by Willow to torment Warren after he kills Willow's girlfriend Tara. Katrina's spirit is understandably angry with Warren and suggests that she should have killed him before he killed her.

Kendra Young

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Larry Blaisdell

Larry Blaisdell is a student at Sunnydale High who appears in the second and third seasons, and is played by Larry Bagby III. He is initially portrayed as a stereotypical jock first seen bullying Xander in the episode "Halloween". He is also rather lecherous, constantly lusting after and harassing girls, including Buffy and Willow. However, in "Phases," when Xander presses Larry to confess to a series of werewolf attacks, Larry misunderstands and infers that Xander, like himself, is a closeted homosexual. This misunderstanding is echoed in most subsequent conversations between them, and also leads to Larry's own coming out, and the revelation of his more caring and compassionate side. In the alternate universe of "The Wish," he is one of Rupert Giles's "white hats," along with Oz and a girl named Nancy. In the Season Three finale "Graduation Day, Part Two," he is seen taking the front line in the battle against the Mayor of Sunnydale, who has morphed into the gigantic demon Olvikan. He is last seen being thrown to the ground by a swipe of the Mayor's tail. His death is confirmed in the season six episode "Smashed," when Willow informs Amy Madison that Larry won't be taking her to the prom because "Larry's gay, Larry's dead, and high school's kinda over."


Leah is a Slayer who appears in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comics, first appearing in "The Long Way Home". Leah has large, puffy red hair and is a member of Buffy's squad along with Satsu and Rowena. She speaks with a Scottish burr. When Buffy chooses Satsu out of all the Slayers to help her rescue Willow, Leah agrees with Satsu when she states that she shouldn't have been picked, and tells her not to embarrass them. She is featured in the "Wolves at the Gate" arc, fighting vampires in Tokyo alongside the other slayers. In the "Time Of Your Life" Arc, Leah is the one who discovers that Dawn Summers has changed from a giant to a centaur. After the explosion, she is seen being carried to safety by two slayers. Whether she lives or dies is unclear.

Lucy Hanover

Lucy Hanover is a deceased Slayer who appears in Buffy the Vampire Slayer literature. She is first mentioned in the History of the Slayer WB advertisements for the Buffy television series; the commercials stated "The frequent and unexplained disappearance of local Civil War widows shocked an already grieving community. These disturbing events ended when Lucy Hanover set up camp in a nearby graveyard." The character is expanded upon in comics and novels, in which she appears as a ghostly ally of the Scooby Gang. She has provided the gang with vital information when facing a vampire who can reincarnate into another body at the moment of death ("Immortal"), warning Willow about the coming of the Gatherer ("The Book of Fours") and guiding a temporally-displaced Buffy back into her past self ("The Lost Slayer").


Luke is a vampire who is a powerful member of Order of Aurelius.When we meet The Master, he is trapped in the Hellmouth under Sunnydale. He has a once-in-a-century opportunity to escape in a ritual called The Harvest, which calls for him to use the strongest of his brood (Luke) as his "Vessel." The only way to prevent The Master's escape is for Buffy to kill the Vessel.

At the end of "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Luke flings Buffy into a stone coffin and it looks like he's going to kill her. At the beginning of "The Harvest", she escapes. When Buffy and Luke meet again for a fight to the finish at The Bronze, she defeats him using subterfuge: she tricks him into thinking it is daytime and breaks a window. While he is distracted, she stakes him.

Luke played by Brian Thompson.


Lydia is a Watcher who appeared in seasons five and seven, and is played by Cynthia Lamontagne. In the episode "Checkpoint", she travels to Sunnydale with Quentin Travers to test Buffy's abilities as the Slayer. As the Watchers' Council interviews Buffy's friends, Lydia nervously questions Spike, and blushingly admits that she wrote her thesis on him. Lydia reappears in the episode "Never Leave Me", in which she is killed in the explosion which destroys the Watchers' Council.



Merrick is Buffy's original Watcher who appears in the Buffy movie, played by Donald Sutherland. He arrives in Los Angeles to inform Buffy of her destiny, and train her in using her Slayer abilities. In the movie he is a pseudo immortal: born to train slayers, eventually dying, and reborn again with the memories of his previous life. He is initially tough and stern with his charge, but eventually comes to respect her methods. In the film, Merrick is murdered by the vampire Lothos, and dies telling Buffy to do things her own way rather than live by others' rules. Although the film is not canonical in the fictional universe of the series, Merrick does appear briefly in a flashback to Buffy's calling in the season two finale "Becoming, Part One", and is played by Richard Riehle.

Merrick also appears in the Dark Horse Comics limited series The Origin, an adaptation of the original movie. In this version of the story, Merrick (based on Riehle rather than Sutherland) is not killed directly by Lothos, but instead shoots himself rather than be turned into a vampire and risk harming his Slayer. Joss Whedon has confirmed the canonicity of The Origin with the television series, stating "The origin comic, though I have issues with it, CAN pretty much be accepted as canonical. They did a cool job of combining the movie script (the SCRIPT) with the series, that was nice, and using the series' Merrick and not a certain OTHER thespian who shall remain hated."

Miss Kitty Fantastico

Miss Kitty Fantastico is the pet kitten of Tara and Willow. She is a black/grey kitten with white rear feet, a white stripe from her chin to chest, and a small spot of white fur around her nose. Introduced at the end of season four, Miss Kitty only appears in three episodes, "The Yoko Factor," "Restless" and "Family," although Willow and Tara had discussed getting a cat in "New Moon Rising". After season five, Miss Kitty Fantastico simply disappears from the show, and for a long time this is never explained. The cat is finally mentioned again in the penultimate episode of season seven, "End of Days," when Dawn claims, "I don't leave crossbows around all willy-nilly. Not since that time with Miss Kitty Fantastico."


Molly is a Potential Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in the seventh season, and is played by Clara Bryant. She is introduced in "Bring on the Night" along with fellow Potentials Kennedy and Annabelle. Molly speaks with a cockney accent and confuses the other characters by using British slang such as "peckish". When the Potentials are locked in a crypt with a vampire as part of a training routine in the episode "Potential", Molly is the one who manages to slay the demon. In the episode "Dirty Girls", Molly is one of the casualties in the battle at the vineyard; she is stabbed to death by Caleb.


Murk is a minor recurring character during Season Five, played by Todd Duffey. He is a demon and one of Glory's acolytes, of the same species of demon as Jinx. His fate after the Season Five finale is unknown.


Nikki Wood

Nikki Wood is a Slayer who was active in New York City in the 1970s. Her first appearance is in the season five episode "Fool for Love", in which she is played by April Weeden-Washington. In that episode, Spike tells Buffy the story of how he killed Nikki, with flashbacks revealing that he snapped her neck following a battle on a subway train in 1977. Nikki reappears, portrayed by K.D. Aubert, in the season seven episode "First Date", in which it is revealed that she had a son called Robin, now an ally of Buffy Summers. The First Evil presents itself to Robin in the form of his mother, and informs him that Spike was the one responsible for killing Nikki. Nikki features in flashbacks in the episode "Lies My Parents Told Me", in which Robin tries and fails to take revenge on Spike.

Nikki appears in the story "Nikki Goes Down!" of the comic book miniseries Tales of the Slayers. In it, her boyfriend Li, a member of the NYPD, is killed during a battle with an oversized bat. She also appears in the prose short story "It's All About the Mission" of the novel Tales of the Slayer Vol. IV, in which her Watcher Bernard Crowley tries to avoid the Cruciamentum (a dangerous Watchers' Council tradition in which a Slayer is stripped of her powers and tested) due to Nikki's pregnancy with Robin. Nikki features most heavily in her own novel Blackout, which tells the story leading up to her death as she battles Spike. The novel also reveals how she was called, and that she had rivalries with vampires Darla and Dracula. Nikki makes small cameos in the novel Queen of the Slayers, and the comics "Auld Lang Syne" and "The Chain".



Olaf was once human, a Viking who apparently often hunted trolls and the lover or husband of Aud; he cheated on her with a "load-bearing" bar matron, and Aud punished him by transforming him into a gigantic troll. The panache of this spell brought Aud to the attention of the demon D'Hoffryn, who recruited her as a vengeance demon, renaming her Anyanka. Olaf is introduced as a troll in "Triangle" (season 5), and appears in human form in a flashback in "Selfless" (season 7).

Olaf's hammer was used by Buffy herself during her battle against Glory in "The Gift", during which they referred to him as 'Olaf the Troll God'.

Olaf was played by Abraham Benrubi.


Olivia is an old friend and romantic interest of Giles who appears in the fourth season, and is played by Phina Oruche. Although she lives in England, Olivia visits Giles on two occasions. She is first introduced in "The Freshman" and is in Sunnydale during the events of "Hush". In "Hush", she showed at least a small amount of artistic talent, drawing an accurate portrait of a Gentleman. At the end of "Hush", Olivia revealed she was not comfortable with Giles' role in battling the forces of evil. She appeared pregnant and pushing an empty baby stroller in Giles's dream during "Restless" but was otherwise not seen again on the show. She appeared in three episodes directed by Joss Whedon that season and is mentioned in the fourth ("Who Are You").


Parker Abrams

Parker Abrams is a student at UC Sunnydale who appears in the fourth season, played by Adam Kaufman. First appearing in the episode "Living Conditions," he meets Buffy and forms a seemingly intimate relationship with her. The pair sleep together in the next episode, "The Harsh Light of Day." However, while Buffy feels that the encounter represented an emotional bond, Parker considers it to be merely physical gratification, a moment of "healthy fun". Buffy expects Parker to contact her, which he never does. She eventually confronts him, but he is mostly cold and aloof, and Buffy soon realizes that the emotional intimacy she felt she had experienced with Parker was part of his calculated method to attract girls. In the episode "Beer Bad," Buffy's best friend Willow confronts Parker over what had happened. During that conversation, Parker attempts to seduce Willow, who initially plays along but soon reveals she has seen through him and verbally attacks him. Later in the same episode, Parker tries to apologize to Buffy after she saves his life in a fire. However, Buffy, who has been mystically reverted to a cavewoman, merely responds by knocking him unconscious with a wooden club. Parker's final onscreen appearance is in the episode "The Initiative," in which Buffy's college TA Riley punches him when he makes some rude comments about Buffy — specifically that "the difference between a freshman girl and a toilet seat is that the toilet seat doesn't follow you around after you use it."

The creators of the show have stated that Parker was merely Buffy's failed attempt at a relationship, who was still trying to completely get over her separation from Angel. Parker also makes an important appearance in the non-canon "The Lost Slayer" series.

Percy West

Percy West is a student at Sunnydale High who appears in the third and fourth seasons, starting with the episode "Doppelgangland", and is played by Ethan Erickson. When Percy's low grades nearly make him ineligible for the basketball team, Principal Snyder insists that Willow tutor him; in Percy's mind, this means that Willow is going to do his work for him. After a run-in with Willow's doppelgänger, a vampire from an alternate reality, Percy takes Willow's tutoring more seriously, writing up essays on both Presidents Roosevelt when he only needs to write about one, giving her an apple and quickly running away. Later in the season, he helps to organize the students into a fighting force on graduation day in order to battle vampires and the Mayor himself. In the Season Four episode "Doomed", it is revealed that Percy got into USC on a football scholarship, but dates a girl at UC Sunnydale. Willow meets him at a party and is hurt when she overhears Percy calling her a nerd to his jealous girlfriend. This is his last appearance in the show.


Pike is a friend and love interest of Buffy who appears in the Buffy movie, and is played by Luke Perry. A hard-drinking and poverty-stricken slacker, he initially resents Buffy and her valley girl friends for their snobbery. However, when Pike's friend Benny is turned into a vampire by a minion of Lothos, Pike and Buffy find themselves teaming up to take Lothos down, and an attraction forms between them. Although the Buffy movie is not canon and Pike is never seen or mentioned in the television series, he does make a number of appearances in the Dark Horse comic book series. These include The Origin limited series, in which he plays a role similar to that in the film. He also appears in the story Note from the Underground, in which he arrives in Sunnydale between seasons six and seven to help Buffy defeat a fascist demon group, the Scourge. Pike's relationship with Buffy is explored further in Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza's Year One-style run, which bridges the gap between the The Origin and the television series. He and Buffy travel to Las Vegas, where Pike eventually realises that their relationship endangers both of their lives, and breaks up with her. Pike's other literary appearances include the novel Sins of the Father; set during the third season of the show, it involves Pike being chased to Sunnydale by a rock demon known as Grayhewn.

Principal Flutie

Robert "Bob" Flutie is the principal of Sunnydale High School in the first half of the first season and played by Ken Lerner. Introduced in the series opener "Welcome to the Hellmouth", Principal Flutie is eaten alive by possessed students in the later episode "The Pack". Unlike his successor Principal Snyder, Flutie is dedicated to helping students and is concerned with their self-esteem and socialization (or at least tries to give that appearance, although it is suggested he only acts that way to look good). Snyder later quips, "It's that kind of woolly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten." (Ironically, Snyder suffers a similar fate two years later.) Flutie is mentioned again in the season seven episode "Beneath You"; when Principal Wood jokes about the students eating the staff alive, Buffy asks "You heard about Principal Flutie, right?"


Quentin Travers

Quentin Travers is a member of the Watchers' Council who appears in the third, fifth, and seventh seasons, and is played by Harris Yulin. In his first appearance, "Helpless", he insists that Buffy undergo a ruthless rite of passage on her eighteenth birthday known as the Cruciamentum. The test consists of depriving Buffy of her powers and forcing her to fight a vampire using cunning alone. Giles' reluctance to comply with the test leads Quentin to fire him as Buffy's official Watcher. In season five, Quentin returns to Sunnydale with a cadre of Watchers and offers Buffy information on her new nemesis Glory if she completes another set of rigorous trials. After an encounter with The Knights of Byzantium, Buffy realizes that she is the one with the power, not the Watchers Council. Buffy gives Quentin an ultimatum; that they will work for her and that Giles will be reinstated at full salary (retroactively from the moment he was fired) and that they will stay out of her way. Quentin acquiesces to her demands. He reappears briefly in season seven, being caught in the explosion at the Watchers Council. Travers' family is featured in the tie-in novel Pretty Maids All in a Row; Harold Travers, John Travers (Harold's son) and Arianna de la Croix (a Potential Slayer turned Watcher who falls in love with John).



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Renée is first seen manning a computer in issue #1 of Season Eight, enjoying flirtatious banter about comic books with Xander. In issue #2, another Slayer tells her that she's in love with Xander, having recently developed a keen interest in comics, James Bond films and drywalling. Later that issue, we see her stabbed from behind by a Scottish zombie, although she survives as seen in #3. She and Xander are starting to be "sparring partners" as stated by Xander in #6. In issue #7 she is sent by Buffy to talk to Willow about fixing the new radar stations installed to protect them from the army. In issue #12 she prompts Xander to ask her out, which he then does. In issue #14, Renee kisses Xander. Later that night, she is impaled on the scythe and killed by the Japanese vampire Toru.


Rona is a Potential Slayer who comes to Sunnydale in the seventh season, and is played by Indigo. Arriving in the episode "Showtime", Rona didn't know she was a Potential until the Bringers attacked her. A somewhat argumentative African-American girl, Rona eventually accepts her destiny and she survives the climactic Hellmouth battle despite being badly injured several times and having a broken arm (in a cast) throughout. She appears in the comic "The Chain", as the person who decides which Slayer will act as a decoy for Buffy Summers.


Rowena is a Slayer who appears in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comics, first appearing in "The Long Way Home." She is a blonde-haired Slayer who speaks with a European accent and is a member of Buffy's squad along with Satsu and Leah. In "Wolves at the Gate," Rowena takes charge of Buffy's squad when Buffy is trying to rescue Willow from Kumiko.



Sandy first appeared as a human in the season three episode "Doppelgangland" where she was bitten by the vampire version of Willow. This, or an incident shortly following, turned her into a vampire and she returned as such in the season five episode "Family" in which she flirts with Riley in a bar. She later appears to go on a date of sorts with Riley (in the episode "Shadow"), but Riley stakes and kills her. Sandy is played by Megan Gray.


Satsu is an Asian Slayer who is one of the best in Buffy's squad, along with Leah and Rowena. She is known for her funky hairstyles and wardrobe. Selected as the most skilled Slayer in Buffy's squad, she is chosen to assist Buffy in rescuing Willow in part four of the "The Long Way Home." Satsu has aided Buffy many times in missions and battles. She has appeared in "The Long Way Home" parts 1,2,4 and makes cameos in "The Chain", and "Anywhere But Here". She has a much bigger role in "A Beautiful Sunset". In this issue, Buffy takes Satsu to a vampire nest, and they dispose of them quickly. Buffy lets Satsu know that Buffy and her friends have become aware that Satsu is in love with her. Buffy does not return Satsu's affections but is sincerely flattered, though she warns Satsu that people who love her have a tragic history of getting hurt (citing Angel's banishment to a hell dimension, Spike's immolation in the Hellmouth, and Riley's struggles with masochism). Afterward, when Twilight attacks, Satsu is knocked out at the beginning of the battle. Most recently, in "Wolves at the Gate, Part 1" Satsu and Buffy slept together and were discovered in bed by Xander, Andrew, Renee, Dawn, and Willow. "Wolves at the Gate" parts two and three illustrate the ensuing awkwardness that follows. In part 4 of "Wolves at the Gate" Satsu stays in Tokyo becoming leader of the Japanese branch of the Watcher's Council after spending one last night with Buffy. So far, Satsu has appeared in nine issues of Season 8.

Scott Hope

Scott Hope is a student at Sunnydale High who appears in season three, and is played by Fab Filippo. He is introduced in the episode "Faith, Hope & Trick". Buffy acknowledges Scott as a potential love interest, but is still grieving over the death of Angel in the previous season. She finally gives in after numerous advances by Scott, and they date for a short time. However, Scott breaks up with Buffy shortly before Homecoming because he is tired of her constant distraction. Scott is mentioned again in the season seven episode "Conversations with Dead People", in which Buffy learns that he spread a rumour back in high school that she was a lesbian, and has ironically come out as gay himself in college.

Fab Filippo's character "Ethan Gold" from Queer as Folk was inspired by Scott Hope.

Sid the Dummy

Sid the Dummy is a demon hunter, imprisoned in the body of a ventriloquist's dummy, who appears in the season one episode "The Puppet Show". When a girl, Emily, is found dead with her heart removed, Buffy suspects that the culprit may be Sid, the seemingly living accessory of a student participating as a ventriloquist in the upcoming talent show. Buffy confronts Sid, who explains his past to the Scooby Gang; he was once a human demon hunter cursed into this form by a group of demons, the Brotherhood of Seven. Having tracked the final member of the Brotherhood, who was responsible for the murder of Emily, Sid stabs the heart of the demon and kills it. Freed from his curse, Sid dies.

Sid returns as a playable character in the non-canon video game Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds. He first appears in the opening of the Cemetery level, and tells her where the apparently resurrected Kakistos had gone. He appears again soon after Buffy, Willow, Xander, Faith, and Spike are transported to the First's home dimension. He explains that he had met the First years ago and, as quoted, "royally pissed him off". After his curse was broken in "The Puppet Show", the First stole his soul and placed it in a duplicate dummy body of the one he was trapped in. He tells the Scooby Gang the legend of Cassandra Rayne (Ethan's ancestor, a warrior for the Powers That Be) and Hope's Dagger, the only weapon capable of harming the First. He aids them in retrieving Cassandra's eyes from Sunnydale Hospital, and stays with Ethan Rayne, unwillingly dragged along for the ride by Buffy, while the Scoobies fought the First's minions and retrieved Cassandra's body parts. After the First was defeated, he disappeared into thin air, apparently dying at long last.


Mr. Trick

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Vi is a Potential Slayer who arrives in Sunnydale in the seventh season, and is played by Felicia Day. Vi was trained by her Watcher prior to her arrival in Sunnydale, but her experience with the supernatural amounts to seeing a blurry photograph of a vampire. Introduced in "Showtime", Vi is initially timid. However, she proves to be a courageous fighter during several battles, including the final battle in the Hellmouth. She survives it and, though having been wounded herself, helps treat other wounded such as Rona and Robin Wood. She appears in the comic story "The Chain", starring alongside Andrew Wells in a television commercial informing recently activated Slayers about the Watchers' Council. Appearing in comic "Time of Your Life", Vi now leads the New York Slayer squadron. However, due to the limitations of the name Vi appearing like Roman numerals for the number 6 in comics, Vi is now referred to exclusively as Violet.



Whistler is a demon who appears in the second season, and is played by Max Perlich. He first appears in a flashback in the episode "Becoming, Part One" in which he approaches a dirty and destitute Angel on the streets of New York City. He describes his duty as maintaining the balance between good and evil, and claims that Angel is destined to be a force of good. He then takes Angel across the country to Los Angeles where he points out the young Slayer Buffy Summers as she is called to her destiny. Seeing her allows Angel to decide to turn his life around, and to help Buffy in her duty as the Slayer. Whistler does not interfere again until he learns that Angel, now without a soul, plans to awaken the demon Acathla. He confronts Buffy and tells her that Angel was never supposed to lose his soul. In fact, it had been his destiny to stop Acathla, not bring him forth. He informs Buffy that she will have to kill Angel to stop Acathla if he is awakened. Whistler was originally supposed to appear in Angel as Angel's guide and link to the Powers That Be, but for some reason he was replaced by the character Allen Francis Doyle. Whistler has also appeared in the non-canonical Buffy post-season 7 novel Queen of the Slayers, coming to Buffy in a dream to help her get back her confidence in order to defeat a rogue army of Slayers, three Hellgods, and a vampire sorcerer.

Willy the Snitch

Willy the Snitch is bar owner and informant who appears in the first four seasons, and is played by Saverio Guerra. Willy is a double-crossing human being, who basically follows instructions or requests if money is provided. He sometimes assists Buffy and other times betrays her. Characters, both good and bad, often beat up Willy for information. In the season three episode "Enemies", Xander brags about beating information out of Willy "personally", but then admits that he just bribed Willy with $28.

His final appearance is in "Goodbye Iowa", when Buffy goes to his bar in an attempt to get information on the murder of a little boy. While he does not make any future appearances, dialogue in future episodes makes it clear that he still resides in Sunnydale.

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, his bar appears in the Downtown Sunnydale level as the place where the player finds Spike.


Xin Rong

Xin Rong (known in the television series only as Chinese Slayer) is a Slayer who was active in China during 1900, and is played by Ming Liu. In the season two episode "School Hard", Spike brags about killing a Slayer during the Boxer Rebellion. The Slayer's first and only appearance in the television series is in the season five episode "Fool for Love", in which her battle with Spike in 1900 is shown in flashback. The Slayer scars Spike's left eyebrow with her sword, and comes close to staking him, but an explosion outside rocks the temple in which they are fighting, and she loses control of the situation. Before Spike drains her of her blood, she says "Please tell my mother that I am sorry," to which Spike replies, "Sorry love, I don't speak Chinese."

The Chinese Slayer appears in the Spike & Dru comic book storyline All's Fair, which gives her name as Xin Rong. In this comic, Xin's family attempt revenge by sending her brothers after Spike. They track Spike and his partner Drusilla down in Prague. In Chicago, Illinois, 1933, the avengers of Xin Rong finally catch up with Spike and Dru. They beat and torture Drusilla so badly that she does not recover for ten years. The two vampires retaliate with the help of a chaos demon and the Rong family line ends there. In the Angel comic "Auld Lang Syne", the Slayer appears as a hallucination created by a demon called Lilitu to torment Spike. The Slayer's battle with Spike is recounted in the novel Spark and Burn, in which she is referred to as China Doll. According to the novel Blackout, the Chinese Slayer rescued a Buddhist monk from a dragon, for which he rewarded her with an enchanted sword. The enchantment of the sword explains why Spike's scar remains over a hundred years later, despite vampires' healing abilities.

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