This article is about the genus of grassland plants. For the moshav, see Mlilot.
Melilot (Melilotus), also known as Sweet Clover, is a genus in the family Fabaceae. Members are known as common grassland plants and as weeds of cultivated ground. Originally from Europe and Asia, it is now found worldwide.

Melilotus species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including case-bearers of the genus Coleophora including C. frischella and C. trifolii.

Blue Melilot (Trigonella caerulea) is not a member of the genus, despite the name.


Melilotus albus
Melilotus altissimus
Melilotus dentatus
Melilotus elegans
Melilotus hirsutus
Melilotus indicus
Melilotus infestus
Melilotus italicus
Melilotus macrocarpus
Melilotus messanensis
Melilotus neapolitanus
Melilotus officinalis
Melilotus polonicus
Melilotus segetalis
Melilotus serratifolius
Melilotus speciosus
Melilotus suaveolens
Melilotus sulcatus
Melilotus tauricus
Melilotus wolgicus Ref: ILDIS as of November 2005

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