blue boys

Bad Blue Boys

Bad Blue Boys (abbreviation BBB) are supporters and the firm of the Zagreb football club NK Dinamo.

BBB were founded on March 17, 1986. Their mascot is bulldog and their official anthem is "Dinamo ja volim" (I love Dinamo), sung by Croatian pop-rock band Pips, Chips & Videoclips. BBB are organized in two supporters unions: Udruga navijača Dinama (Dinamo supporters union) and Klub navijača Bad Blue Boys (Bad Blue Boys supporters club).

BBB also publish magazines (fanzines) concerning their club and ultras subculture. First one, now defunct, was called Ajmo plavi (Go Blues) and second one, started in 2006, is called Dinamov sjever (Dinamo's North (stand)).

Most passionate BBB support Dinamo from northern stand of Maksimir Stadium and older generations of BBB gather on eastern stand.


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