blown away

Blown Away (1994 film)

Blown Away is a 1994 thriller starring Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. It was directed by Stephen Hopkins.


Lt. Jimmy Dove (Bridges) is a veteran disposal technician on the Boston Police bomb squad, who irritates his captain, partner and everyone else when plays Hero and disarms dangerous explosives. But nobody, except for his good friend Max (Lloyd Bridges), knows of Jimmy's dark past. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Jimmy's actual name is Liam McGivney. He had been friends and partners with Ryan Gaerity (Jones), who, unbeknownst to Jimmy/Liam, was a freelance terrorist (not IRA). After a botched attempt to stop one of Gaerity's bombs led to the bomber's imprisonment and the death of his girlfriend (Gaerity's sister), Jimmy/Liam fled to Boston. When Gaerity escapes (also fleeing to Boston), he finds Jimmy, who is has semi-retired to instructor, and starts taunting his old protegé with threats and his homemade explosives. With his family and friends in danger, Jimmy reveals his secret to his wife Kate (Suzy Amis) and returns to action to hunt for Gaerity, while fellow officer Anthony Franklin (Forest Whitaker) investigates Jimmy, suspecting his and Gaerity's connection.


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