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Come Blow Your Horn

Come Blow Your Horn was Neil Simon's first play, which premiered in the United States in 1961 and had a London production in 1962 at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

The play follows Alan and Buddy Baker, brothers who have decided to leave their family's waxed-fruit business and experience the good life. In the beginning of the play, Alan is a typical ladies' man, and his younger brother is a 21-year-old virgin. As the play progresses falls in love with Connie, one of the girls that he is sleeping with, and when she leaves his life, he falls apart. While Alan mourns the loss of Connie, Buddy becomes a ladies' man himself.

An offstage character in the play is Felix Ungar, later one of the protagonists of Simon's The Odd Couple.

The play was made into a movie, with a screenplay by Norman Lear, starring Frank Sinatra as Alan, Lee J. Cobb as his father Harry, and Barbara Rush as Connie. Alan's conflict over whether to lead a carefree bachelor lifestyle, or to settle down with Connie, has been seen as reflecting the social tensions of the early 1960s.

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