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Bloodthirsty Butchers

Bloodthirsty Butchers are a long-running indie rock and punk rock band from Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan. Although little-known in the West, they have contributed to two compilations on the Olympia, Washington based Yoyo label. The band has also released a split single with Rocket from the Crypt and a split CD-EP with +/-. The long-term members are Hideki Yoshimura (Vocals and Guitar), Masahiro Komatsu (Drums), and Takeshi Imoriya (Bass). Former Number Girl member Hisako Tabuchi joined as an additional guitarist in 2003.



1993 I'm standing nowhere]

1994 Lukewarm Wind

1996 kocorono

1999 「△」SANKAKU

1999 Mikansei

2001 yamane

2003 Kouya ni Okeru bloodthirsty butchers

2004 birdy

2005 banging the drum

2005 bloodthirsty butchers vs +/- {PLUS/MINUS}

2007 Guitarist o Korosanaide (Don't kill that guitarist)

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