Bloodlet was an American metalcore band that formed in Florida in 1992.


Forming in 1992, from the ashes of local Central Florida straightedge hardcore band, Solid Answer. As a five-piece band, Bloodlet started quickly by releasing two seven-inch singles in 1993. Even though the fledgling band suffered through some tumultuous line-up shuffling, the band played many shows. The release of their Shell seven-inch in 1994 signaled the introduction of new drummer Charlie King. His drumming style would set the rhythmic sound and style of the band apart from many other hardcore bands at the time. Bloodlet began touring on these singles and garnered the attention of a then growing Victory Records.

Through the Chicago, Illinois-based Victory Records, the band released their singles in a collection as an album entitled Eclectic. Bloodlet undertook a hectic touring schedule crisscrossing the United States with other metal-oriented hardcore bands (the term "metalcore" had not been coined at that point) like 108 and Coalesce. Rather than using "metalcore" to promote the band, Victory began promoting them as "devil-core" or "evil-core" to emphasize the dark, brooding nature of the music and lyrics.

In March 1996, Bloodlet released their second album for Victory Records, entitled Entheogen. This record contained a shift in vocal sound as well as a new bass style (delivered by member Art Legere's use of a fretless bass) that only added to the band's heavy, metallic sound. Interestingly enough, Aaron Turner of Hydra Head Records and Isis fame produced the album's cover art. With this record out, the band went on to tour the United States with their label mates Deadguy. They also released a song on the Definitely Not the Majors compilation that would eventually show up on their third album.

By the time the band readied to go into the studio to record their next album, guitarist Jeremy Illges decided to leave Bloodlet. Deciding to continue on as a four-piece, the band recorded and released The Seraphim Fall in 1998. This album featured an even more metallic sound for the group that also showcased longer songs and thicker production. This and their rising popularity scored them a supporting tour for Grip Inc., Dave Lombardo of Slayer's side project. Bloodlet slowly began to sputter in momentum and eventually splintered apart around 1999.

In 2001, Bloodlet began practicing and writing new material. They made their official return in Syracuse, NY on January 1, 2002. Later that year, the band entered the Electrical Audio with Steve Albini and recorded Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees. This album showcased a more visceral and stripped-down musical style that was augmented by Albini’s signature production techniques. The band toured for the album and even played Hellfest 2002. Bassist Art Legere left the band shortly after this and was replaced by Thomas Crowther (who was also in Angelacos’ side project Hope and Suicide). Bloodlet went on an informal hiatus in 2003.


  • Scott Angelacos - vocals (1992-c.1999 & c.2001-2003, also in Hope and Suicide)
  • Matt Easley - guitar (1992-c.1999 & c.2001-2003)
  • Thomas Crowther - bass (c.2002-2003, also in Hope and Suicide)
  • John Stewart, Jr - drums (2001-2003)
  • Art Legere - bass (c.1995-c.1999 & 2001-c.2002)
  • Jeremy Illges - guitar (1992-c.1997)
  • Charlie King - drums (c.1993-c.1999)
  • Tyler Gray - bass (c.1994-c.1995)
  • Keith Dalrymple - bass (1993-1994)
  • Seth Hallman - bass (1992-1993)



  • Sustenance 7" (Smorgasbord, 1993)
  • Husk 7" (Structure Records, 1993)
  • Shell 7" (Stability Records, 1994)
  • Live at CBGBs 7"



  • Release (VHS/DVD, 1998)
  • Victory Video Collection (VHS/DVD, 2001)
  • Victory Video Collection 2002 (DVD, 2002)
  • Hellfest 2002 (DVD 2003)

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