Eddie Perfect

Eddie Perfect is an Australian actor, comedian and musician.

Known for his political comedy, he has appeared on Australian TV shows, including Kath and Kim and Spicks and Specks. Eddie released the popular solo album Angry Eddie after featuring on the anti-Howard Government compilation Rock Against Howard and, earlier than that, the little known Welcome to the Inside of Ed's Head. Eddie was awarded the best entertainer in The Bulletin's Brightest 100 Australians for his caustic lyrics, impeccable timing and "boy-next-door looks"

Eddie has appeared in live stage shows including The Big Con with veteran Australian actor and impersonator Max Gillies in 2005, and his solo show Drink Pepsi, Bitch!. His work satirises Australian politics and society, as well as consumerist culture. "Drink Pepsi, Bitch!" has toured the Edinburgh Fringe, London's Menier Chocolate Factory, Auckland Festival, Christchurch Festival, Malthouse Theatre Melbourne, the Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Cracker Comedy Festival. Currently Perfect is writing an Australian musical which had a workshop showing at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival on July 17th, 2007. Titled "Shane Warne: The musical" - the piece underwent further workshopping in early 2008 culminating in five work-in-progress showings at The Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. "Shane Warne The Musical" has its world premier at the Athenaeum Theatre on December 10th 2008 before embarking on a national tour. In 2007 Eddie appeared in "Keating! the Musical" playing several characters & wearing fishnet stockings performed a devastating parody of Alexander Downer.


Typical characteristics of Perfect's songs are

  • sharply satirical or humorous lyrics with
  • shockingly explicit vocabulary,
  • regular meter and couplet rhymes,
  • a catchy melody,
  • a rich cabaret-style piano accompaniment with widely ranging tempo and dynamics, and
  • a rousing chorus usually ending in the title.

As stated in the introduction to his album Welcome to the Inside of Ed's Head, "some songs are funny, some are not." Dark topics include submission to domestic violence (The Lord Hath Prepared A House), murder with a blender (Juice Bar Girl) and living with a brain tumour (What if). His satire often proceeds by stating his targeted proposition, sometimes in the introduction to the song, elaborating on it in successive verses, and repeating it with increasing irony in each chorus: examples include Gay People Shouldn't Get Married, Hooray for Ray (Martin, MP3) and Dwayne's Song ("Some Of My Best Friends Are Aboriginal"). While many songs are political diatribes (John Howard's Bitches, Guantanamo Bay), his subjects are just as often taken from ordinary middle-class experiences such as working in a telemarketing call center, waiting for a movie to be released on DVD (Poor Little Middle Class Me) or quitting a job (Why not leave?). His love songs often take a self-deprecating stance, which contrasts with the supreme confidence of his delivery: The Blondeness Of You, (I wanna just) Live To Regret Loving You and the elegy Someone Like That, written for his mentor Nick Enright. Recreational drug use is a common theme, as in the mock-gospel Don't Wanna Be Down.


  • Eddie Perfect is his real name.
  • In an Optus corporate gig (which he described, paraphrasing Bill Hicks, as "sucking the cock of Satan") Perfect remarked that the winners of the 'best salesmen' awards were so ruthless that they could sell mobile phones to the deaf or people without hands. Perfect has since issued an apology to the deaf (with a sign language interpreter) and the handless community who "have their fingers on the pulse" and "grab life with both hands" so we should "give them a hand" and "a round of applause".
  • Eddie completed a Bachelor of Arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2001.
  • Eddie made his acting debut in a 1992 educational video Neuroses: a study of disorders of Obsession and Compulsion.
  • Eddie performed with Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra at the Bald Face Stag, Sydney, singing the song "The World Is Broken". Brilliant version - better than the album. Critics agree that they should have recorded this version and sold it as an EP.
  • Eddie was the dux of his high-school, St Bede's College, Mentone, in 1995.



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