block diagram compiler

A Block diagram Language

A Block diagram Language (ABL) is the graphic companion language of the textual hardware description language KARL, which supports Structured hardware design. It has been authored by Reiner Hartenstein and jointly implemented by the Xputer Lab at TU Kaiserslautern and Guglielmo Girardi at CSELT, Torino,Italy, as the ABLED interactive graphic hardware design editor with automatic interconnect compatibility check. The Domino notation of ABL is based on structured wiring function primitives and topological notations of KARL and allows interactive interconnect synthesis by module block abutment. A couple of other design tools are based on these calculus-like notations, like ARIANNA (interactive chip floor plan generator, and GENMON from CSELT), the BACH compiler, an ASIC Data path module generator, and others.


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