Blob usually means a soft amorphous mass, and may refer to:

  • Metaballs, in computer graphics terms, are organic-looking n-dimensional objects
  • Blob (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain, adversary of the X-Men
  • The Blob, 1958 American science-fiction film depicting a giant amoeba-like alien
  • The Blobs, an animated television series
  • Blobitecture, in which buildings have an organic, amoeba-shaped, bulging form
  • Binary blob, in open source computing, a non-free object file loaded into the kernel
  • Blob detection, in computer vision, visual modules that detect regions in the image
  • God object, or "The Blob", anti-pattern in object-oriented programming
  • Blob (visual system), sections of the visual cortex where groups of neurons which are sensitive to color assemble in cylindrical shapes
  • Lyman-alpha blob, a huge concentration of a gas emitting the Lyman-alpha emission line
  • Globster, an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water
    • Chilean Blob, a 13-tonne mass of tissue discovered in 2003 on a beach in Chile, the partial remains of a dead sperm whale
    • A mass of sea squirts, found invading many coastal waters around the world
  • The Blob (Clayfighter), playable character in the Clayfighter video games
  • The terms "blob" and "the blob" are also offensive British slang for a menstruating woman's period.
  • Blob is an English mass unit. It is the inch equivalent of the slug unit of mass.

See also

  • Blobject, a colorful, mass-produced, plastic-based, emotionally engaging consumer product
  • The Mississauga Blob, a flaming object — later identified as a frisbee — that fell on a back-yard picnic table in Mississauga, Ontario in, 1979
  • May blobs, Caltha palustris flowers
  • A Boy and His Blob, a video game developed in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Mr. Blobby, Noel Edmonds novelty suit character

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