Blind spot

Blind spot

Blind spot can refer to:

  • In ophthalmology,
    • Scotoma, an obscuration of the visual field
    • Optic disc, also known as the anatomical blind spot, the specific region of the retina where the optic nerve and blood vessels pass through to connect to the back of the eye
    • Blind spot (vision), also known as the physiological blind spot, the specific scotoma in the visual field that corresponds to the lack of light-detecting photoreceptor cells on the optic disc
  • Blind spot (automobile), areas of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors in an automobile
  • Blind spot (psychology), a subject about which one is prejudiced or ignorant
  • Antenna blind cone, a blind spot of the antenna

In culture,

  • The Blind Spot (1921), an early science fiction novel by Homer Eon Flint (1892-1924) and Austin Hall
  • Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary, the English title of Im toten Winkel (2002)—an Austrian documentary about Traudl Junge, the last personal secretary of Adolf Hitler.
  • Blind Spot (1947 film) is a 1947 film noir
  • Blind Spot (1958 film) is a 1958 film.
  • In the Known Space universe of Larry Niven, the Blind Spot is the name for the effect an unshielded view of hyperspace has on the human optic nerve.
  • Blind Spot (2007), a walk-in, interactive installation that forces you to desert your expectations of the familiar when confronted with a variant reality created by Andrew Ohanesian and Tescia Seufferlein (

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