Blind date

Blind date

This is about a type of dating. For other uses, see Blind date (disambiguation).

A blind date is a date where the people involved have not met each other previously. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends or by a dating system.

Blind dates are becoming more commonplace following the rise of the Internet, when people who have met in chatrooms, Instant Messaging or forums finally agree to meet in person. Afterwards, they go to a place where they can have time to talk and get to know one another. This type of date may not be considered 'blind' by everyone however, since the people have already communicated with each other.

Dating coaches advise people meeting on a blind date to avoid a restaurant for the first meeting. They encourage a location such as a botanical garden, art gallery, park, promenade or an open-air concert -- any location that gives the couple the opportunity to talk, move around and provides something interesting to refer to during awkward silences.

Another recommendation is to engage in "airplane talk" -- casual conversation about each other's backgrounds, hobbies, interests and careers (don't dwell on any one subject for too long), and other topics that tell something about each other -- but don't reveal information that should be reserved for someone you know well.

Some conversation starters - conversation that will help each one learn a little bit about each other's values and way of thinking, and will also form the basis for more conversation on the second date: Who do you most admire? How did they inspire you? What has been the most satisfying achievement of your life? Is there something you've always dreamt about doing? What is your most treasured possession, and why?

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