blaze trail

Alojz Knafelc

Alojz Knafelc was a Slovenian mountaineer and the inventor of the Slovenian trail blaze. He was born in 1859 and died in 1937. At first he worked as a drawer for the project of constructing the railway connection between Hrpelje and Kozina. Here he had to take care of different signatures and measurement tables. In the year 1922, he recoloured the whole Aljažev stolp on Triglav alone and wrote the instructions to path-blazing. His blazes are, of course, named blazes of Knafelc (in Slovenian Knafelčeva markacija, plural Knafelčeve markacije). They are prescribed by the Law on Mountain Trails (Zakon o planinskih poteh).

Blazes of Knafelc are white points encircled by a red ring. Their total size should be between 8 in 10 cm, while the relationship between the red and white point in the cross-section should be 1:2. They are not used for the European long-distance paths E6 and E7.

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