Blasting Off

Blasting Off

[blast, blahst]
Blasting Off was Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's fifth and final album, released on the small Sparkhead independent record label in 1991. The band at this point consisted of Chris Reed and a completely new assortment of musicians; Dave Wolfenden and Leon Phillips were long gone. Reed and his new cohorts recorded the LP in a Los Angeles studio. Inspiration had apparently run dry as only one of the songs, "Talking Back" (issued as a single), could be considered on a par with the band's previous output. The rest of the songs here are dry and bland, offering none of The Lorries' customary dark, rough excitement. Longtime fans were disappointed and the critical response (by the few critics who bothered to review it) was grim. Reed broke up the band soon after.

Track listing

  1. This Is Energy – 4:34
  2. It's On Fire – 2:50
  3. Don't Think About It – 4:51
  4. Train of Hope – 4:08
  5. Talking Back – 5:38
  6. Down On Ice – 2:49
  7. In My Mind – 3:56
  8. Sea Of Tears – 3:34
  9. I Can See Stars – 3:46
  10. Driving Me – 3:19

All tracks were written by Chris Reed (Lyrics and Music), except for "This Is Energy", "Talking Back", and "Down On Ice", written by Reed (Lyrics), and Reed/Gary Weight (Music)


Red Lorry Yellow Lorry were:


  • Martin Scott - extra guitar on "Train of Hope"
  • Sam Bell - percussion on "Talking Back"
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