Blasé Splee

Blasé Splee is an indie rock/pop/electro band based out of Royal Oak, Michigan. The band was officially formed in its current conception in April of 2007 after years of musical collaboration in various forms between songwriters Carl Larson and Michael Frelick. What began as an untitled electropop project of Larson and Frelick in 2005 has recently been described as "unclassifiable" once the band started to incorporate more traditional instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, and multi-layered vocal patterns and harmonies in addition to synthesizers and digital effects.

Blasé Splee's self-titled freshman EP was recorded over the course of two years at a variety of locations around Royal Oak and Hamtramck, Michigan. Frelick and Larson first enlisted Tommy Tesnow of Alucard on drums and soon after, Dave Wisbiski of Fordirelifesake on bass guitar. During the final stages of the recording process, Jon Berz signed on as fifth member and additional multi-instrumentalist. What began as a digital project soon grew into a collaborative process between accomplished Detroit area musicians, and what was once considered a side-project for most of its members quickly became a full time undertaking for everyone involved. Blasé Splee has since matured into its current sound - a culmination of oldies-influenced rock with artistic pop structures reminiscent of a fusion between popular classic and modern independent rock bands.

Currently, the band is writing their first full length record, et cetera, which will be recorded in their newly constructed home studio, to be released in late summer of 2008.


Blasé Splee EP (2007)

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