blanket drill

Red Skin Eclipse

Terminal Power Company's 2nd full length album, for Beggars Banquet, Recorded between November and December 1992 at Rich Bitch Studio's. This album is notable for being produced and mixed by Justin Broadrick, Also involved was the renowned producer Adrian Sherwood who mixed Juggernaut and Paul Kendall who mixed the latter part of Blanket drill Doll

Track listing

  1. Juggernaut (4:01)
  2. Red Skin (3:42)
  3. Splinterpsyche (3:27)
  4. The Sprawl (7:23)
  5. Painkiller (3:43)
  6. Mouth Like A Scar (3:57)
  7. A.G.G.R.O. (4:38)
  8. White Light (4:00)
  9. Blanket Drill Doll (12:26)



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