Medusa (disambiguation)

For the Greek mythological figure, see Medusa. The name may also refer to:


  • Medusa, one of the daughters of the Trojan King Priam


  • Medusa, New York, a community in Albany County, New York
  • Medusa's Head is a mountain a few hundred metres high that lies hard on the left bank of the Orange River, downstream of Vioolsdrif in South Africa. It is comprised of folded sedimentary rocks and bears a startling resemblance to classic portrals of Medusa.

Biology and medicine

Art works


In entertainment and fiction

Ships and military uses

  • Medusa (ship), one of the most infamous shipwrecks of the Age of Sail and inspiration for the controversial painting, Raft of the Medusa.
  • USS Medusa (AR-1), a Pearl Harbor survivor
  • Operation Medusa, part of the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan.
  • Medusa, a variety of AA Missiles
  • Medusa (weapon), a directional, non-lethal weapon for mob control designed to induce noise in the head
  • Medusa, an Italian submarine of the Argo class, sunk in 1915 by an Austrian submarine; it was the first submarine to be sunk by another.

In games

  • Medusa (Dungeons & Dragons), a creature in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game similar to the creature of Greek myth
  • Medusa (Kid Icarus), the main villain from the Kid Icarus video game series.
  • Medusa, a boss in the video game God of War
  • Medusa (Lolo), an enemy in The Adventures of Lolo
  • Madame Medusa, the blackhearted villainess from Walt Disney Productions' The Rescuers
  • Medusa, the true identity of Rider from the Japanese visual novels Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia
  • Medusa Card Game, a gambling playing card game which is a form of poker
  • Medusa (game engine), a proprietary C++ game engine developed by PaleStar and used in the game DarkSpace
  • Medusa, the codename for Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming computer game StarCraft II

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