black swallowwort


[swol-oh-wurt, -wawrt]
Swallowwort is a term used for several plants and plant families. The term "Swallowwort" likely derived from description of poisonous effects; Swallowwort genus name Cynanchum is from Greek words meaning "to choke a dog."

The following plants are referred to as "Swallowwort":

  • Any of several vines of the genus Cynanchum, especially Black Swallowwort (C. nigrum) or White Swallowwort (C. vincetoxicum (L.)).
  • Tetterworts, such as Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus). Greater Celandine and Swallowwort were each often categorized with Tetterworts because they were used to treat Tetter. This led to nomenclature confusion among these worts.
  • Any plant of the genus Asclepias.

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