black re-naissance

Christopher Panzner

Christopher Panzner (1959—) is an American writer/producer living and working in France. He has worked for a number of pioneers in the television and film industry, notably as Technical Director for the inventor of interactive television shopping, the Home Shopping Network and as Operations Director, France, for the inventor of the colorization process for black and white films, Color Systems Technology. He has developed animation software (Pixibox), designed theme channels (Canal +) and was Managing Director of the Luxembourg-based studio, Luxanima, which shared an International Emmy in 1994 for French CGI series Insektors . He went on to set up an animation/FX studio (motion capture/motion control), Image Effects, where he supervised the creation of 2D animated series The Tidings for Entertainment Rights before creating his own studio in the east of France the following year, Talkie Walkie, specializing in pre-production (design, storyboard and layout) and computer production (ink-and-paint/compositing) and whose clients included a Who’s Who of international television animation producers such as SIP , RTV Family Entertainment , Alphanim and Cinar (now called Cookie Jar.) He joined Paris-based production company TEVA in 2001 and was instrumental in the financing and/or the making of five animated features there in 2002-2004: double-Oscar nominated The Triplets of Belleville, Venice Film Festival selection The Dog, the General and the Birds , Jester Till , Blackmor’s Treasure (Associate Producer) and Charlie and Mimmo (Co-Producer). In 2002, TEVA and Mistral Films won the grand prize at IMAGINA for an experimental short film, The Tale of the Floating World directed by Alain Escalle, beating such prestigious competition as Shrek, Amélie and The Lord of the Rings, and was entirely responsible for the fabrication of Storimages’ Pulcinella-winning and International Emmy-nominated special, Harold Pebble , based on the book by famous French illustrator Sempé. In 2006, The Triplets of Belleville, The Dog, the General and the Pigeons and Blackmor’s Treasure were part of an eight-film retrospective of contemporary French animation at the Museum of Modern Art in New York called "Grand Illusions: The Best of Recent French Animation."

Mr. Panzner has written original animated television shows, adapted into English a number of other television shows and feature films and writes regularly for Animation World Network , Animation Magazine, ASIFA, Stylus Magazine and Arts Editor .

In 2005, he developed a series (5 X 52') of high-definition television documentaries on communication with animals, Talk to Me, and two one-hour specials, The Hermione and Lafayette, about the reconstruction of the ship the Marquis de Lafayette sailed to America on during the Revolutionary War for Woods TV, Paris . He also did the English adaptation of Michel Fessler's (March of the Penguins) latest feature film, in development, L'Enfant et la Rivière.

In 2006, Mr. Panzner was Director, Short Form Programming for Discovery Communications and was responsible for the development and production of math (80 X 10’) and social studies (100 X 5’) shorts for Discovery Education’s . As part of his responsibilities, he also did development of short form programming for the diverse Discovery networks and new media platforms.

Since leaving Discovery, Mr. Panzner has dedicated his time to the development of a new audiovisual industry he has invented. "Re:Naissance" is a revolutionary new concept in animation, conceived as a means of transforming aging catalog and archives into salable, low-cost, high quality audiovisual products. For the first time ever in the 100-year history of animation, Re:Naissance is going to invert the adaptation process by taking existing live-action films and faithfully reproducing them in animation, in a totally original graphic style unique to every film. As astonishing as it might sound, this has never been done. The first Re:Naissance film is George Romero's 1968 cult horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

Mr. Panzner was recently named Chief Operating Officer of Munich-based live-action/animation production company Avalon Entertainment.


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