black op

Black Operation

A Black Operation or Black Op is a covert operation typically involving activities that are highly secret due to questionable ethics and legality. The term itself is often used in political, military, intelligence and business circles (citation needed). Agents or persons who specialize or are involved in a black operation are typically referred to as a "Black Operator" or "Black Operative." (citation needed)


Black Ops missions often fall into the deniability category, where no government will claim responsibility for the action, or where responsibility is shifted to another actor in the case of a "false flag" operation. This type of military operation is normally used by various secret services to achieve some goals while trying to operate secretly (so the connection between "black operations" and secret agents or even the country of their origin cannot be found). The methods used in black operations are also used in unconventional warfare and includes actions like assassinations, espionage, sabotages, and supporting of resistance movements.

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