black nickel oxide

Nickel(III) oxide

Nickel(III) oxide (Ni2O3) has been referred to in the literature but is not a well characterised compound. The substance black nickel oxide is sometimes described as being Ni2O3 however the composition quoted by suppliers has a nickel content of around 77% by weight whereas Ni2O3 would have 70.98% Ni by weight, and may be non-stoichiometric NiO.
There are references in the literature to traces of Ni2O3 on nickel surfaces, and as intermediates in nickel oxidation, e.g. .

Nickel oxide hydroxide

The related nickel oxide hydroxide (NiOOH) can be prepared by reaction of nickel(II) chloride and sodium hypochlorite in water and used as an oxidizing agent. In one modificationthe compound is used in a catalytic amount with bleach in stoichometric amount in the oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzoic acid:

or in double oxidation of 3-butenoicid to fumaric acid:

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