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Toshio Maeda

Toshio Maeda (1953 - ) is a Hentai comic artist who was most prolific in the 80s and 90s. Maeda's works include the well known La Blue Girl, Adventure Kid, Demon Beast Invasion, Demon Warrior Koji and, his most famous work, Urotsukidōji (Legend of the Overfiend). Maeda is best known for the few works of his that have been animated, all of which—coincidentally—fall into the erotic horror subgenre. In the likes of La Blue Girl, Demon Beast Invasion and Urotsukidōji young women are frequently molested by multitentacled horrors. Maeda is credited with the proliferation of the tentacle rape genre and indeed has stated in an interview that he would like "Tentacle Master" inscribed on his tombstone. However, it should not be ignored that Maeda has done just as much sex comedy and BDSM-themed manga stories as erotic horror and even a few books perfectly suited for and targeted at younger readers. Early in his career, with the likes of Evil Spirit Island and Ashita-e Kick Off, he only provided the illustrations while someone else wrote the text for the manga.

List of Printed Works (Published in Japan)

  • Kaiten Arashi - (開店荒らし, Kaiten Arashi)
  • Ashita-e Kick Off - (明日へキックオフ, Ashita-e Kick Off) (1977), Hit Comics, 1 volume
  • Evil Spirit Island - (悪霊島, Akuryô Shima) (1981), Action Comics, 2 volumes
  • Trap of Desire - (欲望の罠, Yokubô no Wana) (1982), Comic Pack, 1 volume
  • Dance of Desire - (欲望の輪舞, Yokubô no Rinbu) (1983), Comic Pack, 1 volume
  • Hell's Kiss - (地獄のキッス, Jigoku no Kiss) (1983), Joy Comics, 1 volume
  • Banquet of Desire - (欲望の狂宴) (1984), Comic Pack, 1 volume
  • Apocalypse of Desire - (欲望の黙示録, Yokubô no Mokushiroku) (1986), Comic Pack, 1 volume
  • Urotsukidōji - (うろつき童子, Urotsukidoji) (1986), Wani Magazine Comics, 6 volumes
  • Fuuun Kurozukin - (風雲黒頭巾, Fuuun Kurozukin) (1987), 3 volumes
  • Trap of Blood - (血の罠, Chi no Wana) (1987), 6 volumes
  • Habu Ga Iku - (HABUが行く, Habu Ga Iku) (1987), Wani Magazine Comics, 2 volumes
  • Adventure Kid - (アドベンチャーKID, Adventure Kid) (1988), Wani Magazine Comics, 4 volumes
  • Nightmare Campus - (外道学園 Black Board Jungle, Gendô Gakuen Black Board Jungle) (1988), Tsukasa Comics, 1 volume
  • Dream-Realm Child - (夢宙チャイルド, Yumechô Child) (1988), Tatsumi Comics, 1 volume
  • Legend of the Superbeast - (超獣伝説, Chôkedamono Densetsu) (1988), Million Comics, 1 volume
  • Meat Man Go! - (肉マンでゴー, Niku Man De Gô), (1988), Wani Books, 2 volumes
  • Ogre Hunting - (鬼狩り, Oni Gari) (1988), Pyramid Comics, 1 volume
  • Demon Beast Invasion - (妖獣教室, Yôjû Kyôshitsu Gakuen) (1989), 2 volumes
  • La Blue Girl - (ラ・ブルー・ガール, La Blue Girl) (1989), Suberu Comics
  • Injû no Tenshi - (淫獣の天使, Injû no Tenshi) (1989), Men's Comics, 1 volume
  • Wicked Sword Necromancer - (邪聖剣ネクロマンサー, Yokoshima Seiken) (1989), Takarajima Comics, 1 volume
  • Mado Senshi - (魔童戦士, Mado Senshi) (1990), Tatsumi Comics, 1 volume
  • Hajikareta Hôkago - (弾かれた放課後, Hajikareta Hôkago) (1990), 1 volume
  • Okkake Datenshi - (おっかけ堕天使, Okkake Datenshi) (1990), Gekiga King Comics, 1 volume
  • Kikô Jinruiten BODY - (機甲人類伝BODY, Kikô Jinruiten BODY) (1991), Wani Magazine Comics, 2 volumes
  • Magical Sisters - (魔ジカル姉妹, Magical Shimai) (1991), 1 volume
  • New Urotsukidoji - (新うろつき童子, Shin Urotsukidoji) (1993), Action Camera Comics, 2 volumes
  • Oni no Kotarô - (鬼の小太郎, Oni no Kotarô) (1993), Suberu Comics, 2 volumes
  • Rika to Jirainari - (里香と地雷也, Rika to Jirainari) (1993), Suberu Comics, 1 volume
  • Ryakudatsu Toshi - (略奪都市, Ryakudatsu Toshi) (1993), Suberu Comics, 2 volumes
  • Korogari - (ころがり釘次女体指南, Korogari) (1996), Core Comics, 4 volumes
  • Pleasure Therapist - (快感セラピスト, Kaikan Therapist) (1998), Kyun Comics, 1 volume
  • Pleasure Salesman - (快楽仕事人, Kairaku Shigotonin) (1999), Suberu Comics DX, 1 volume

List of Printed Works (Published in the USA)

The version of Urotsukidoji published in America was based on the Japanese first edition from Wani Comics. Toshio Maeda also did an extended version of Urotsukidoji, with new full color pages and additional chapters fleshing out the story a bit more, which was first published in Japan in the 90ies. The English translation contains none of these additional materials.

In all Manga 18 releases genitals have been redrawn by American artists for the US release in order to compensate for the Japanese censorship.

List of Printed Works (Published in France)

List of Printed Works (Published in Italy)


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