biting the dust

Blossoms in the Dust

Blossoms in the Dust is a 1941 film which tells the story of Edna Gladney who takes it upon herself to help orphaned children to find homes, despite the opposition of the "good" citizens who think that illegitimate children are beneath their interest. It stars Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Felix Bressart, Marsha Hunt and Fay Holden.

The movie was adapted by Hugo Butler (uncredited), Anita Loos and Dorothy Yost (uncredited) from the story by Ralph Wheelwright. It was directed by Mervyn LeRoy and produced by Irving Asher.

It won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction-Interior Decoration, Color, and was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Greer Garson), Best Cinematography, Color and Best Picture.


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