[bis-muh-nawl, -nol]
Bismanol is an alloy of Bismuth, Manganese and Iron developed by the US Naval Ordnance Laboratory. It was used to make permanent magnets for use in small electric motors.

Bismanol magnets have been replaced by Neodymium magnets which are both cheaper and superior in other ways, Samarium-Cobalt magnets in more critical applications, and Alnico magnets.

Bismuth use in permanent magnets and permanent magnet electric motors

Around 50 years ago, maybe more, the US Naval Ordnance Laboratory developed a permanent magnetic alloy called "Bismanol" which is a Bismuth-Manganese-Iron alloy. Bismanol has very high coercive force and moderate energy density, making it pretty good for small electric motors.

Currently Bismuth isn't for magnetic alloys.

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